Pink and concrete grey

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Once again, a new look with already seen pieces: I compose and compose again and again ! Knowing that we’ve been jumping from summer to winter and it’s been changing every day, this outfit highlights this bipolar moment.


So here are my usual “quality” and “durability” reflexions for the different pieces of my outfit:

  • ce blazer Zara (( I don’t want to repeat myself, you can read my opinion here)
  • my La Redoute cashmere pullover: I have a collection that I’ve been talking about for years. Light, warm and easy to wash (wool program in the laundry machine) these are safe bet in my wardrobe.
  • mon pantalon rose Samsøe & Samsøe (2017) I wore it on the blog in summer and winter time. Its color offers a fresh touch without being too candy pink. It can be matched with a lot of other colors: camel, white, grey, jeans jacket… and gives a warm feeling when it rains (example on these pictures!)
  • my Dr Martens patent leather shoes: I had already listed them in my safe bet list: this being said, after 4 years they’ve strayed to crackle on the top part, I had to replace them. I bought exactly the same size last September but weirdly they are not as comfy as the previous ones… they brand might have changed the size (=bigger before)? Or maybe my feet got bigger? Anyway, I had to buy a bigger size (so I sell the pair of 38FR almost new): but I still love them.
  • this vintage bag found on Etsy : I keep it for occasions such as movie night or restaurant, when I don’t have much to carry (wallet, key and lipstick). Nothing to say about the quality but at the same time I’m not using it much!


Even though I like this “chilly moment” outfit version, I am looking forward to the spring season to come to wear these pants much more in a  “spring-ly!” way! Patience… (English translation by Quiterie)


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My Outfit

Blazer Zara (2017) (already seen here and there)
Cashmere pullover La Redoute (2015) (already seen here)
Pants Samsøe & Samsøe (2017) (already seen here and here)
Derbies Dr Martens (already seen here and here)
Vintage bag Etsy (2016) (already seen here)

Necklace Adeline Affre (already seen here)
Bracelet and earrings Tiffany & Co
Watch Cluse

My misunderstood passions

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I know that this article might not be very interesting but at the time of taste standardisation (Instagram, Pinterest, etc…), it will aim to show that people can still have different passions from their relatives (and/or virtual community) and be happy about it! There is something for everyone’s taste!

As for me, I love a lot of things called « popular » but I also have passions that always surprise people around me when I tell them.

There is that feeling that people with different tastes want to show off and act like they are « cool and off the track »: in my case, let’s admit that I should have chosen other interests to be « cool », haha! However, I totally assume these passions and will try to explain you more in details and why it’s frustrating sometimes to not be able to share with others these interests.


My love for Take That

I think 90% of people I told about this passion looked at me with their eyes full of stupefaction and sometimes even mocking me. I understand the reaction because Take That is known in France as a boys band from the 90’s, dancing half naked and doing perfectly known choreography.


Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Howard Donald : Take That from the 90s


I discovered this band when I was a teenager with the song « Back for good » but I wasn’t such a fan at that time (I don’t remember them being really famous in France. Only Robbie Williams got famous with his solo career). I liked the song when I listened it on the radio but that was it.

Take That in 2006 without Robbie !


The band then split up, and went back together without Robbie Williams, and became completely invisible here during the years 2000 and in 2010 I heard that they got back all together with Robbie.

Sceptique but curious, I watched the movie clip of their reunion « The flood » and found the British ambiance fun and pleasant, the state of mind of this band interesting and the song spellbinding.

I surprised myself listening the full album « Progress » and the revelation happened when I found out that the majority of their live tours was huge and spectacular. A giant elephant moving towards the stadium for The Circus Live, a giant carpet rolling and an « interactive » screen for Beautiful World Tour, a huge metal articulated character moving in the crowd for Progress Live.

Then, I heard that the whole band was invested into music composition (Gary Barlow and Mark Owen are good musicians) and shows creation: they are not only controlled puppets and I liked this idea.


Back to the full “team” in 2010 <3…


After that, I learnt more about each one’s personality trait, having all in common, sincerity, simplicity, respect for their fans and humour I can’t get bored of… so here is why I’ve started becoming a huge fan! I follow them on all social networks: Garry, Robbie, Mark, Howard… but not Jason who left the band, after having some difficulties to handle the celebrity during all these years (= their popularity on the other side of The Channel is much more impressive than the one here!).

Now, they are only 3 without Robbie and even in small group, I love them! They are able to create harmony with 5, 4 or 3 members, which keeps the interest after all the time. It’s actually an argument I’ve had a hard time to make people understand, this especially if they only know Take That via Robbie Williams.


… to 3 members since 2015 !


To sum up, I’ve become fan quite late in my life whereas being a nostalgic of the 90’s, seduced by the humans they really are (the book « A better me » written by Gary Barlow is very inspiring and encouraging), full of charm and their British side obviously… I am so looking forward to the London show in May and then in Paris in June! (Actually my SO, who is not particularly a fan, is happy to come with me in London as he knows the show will worth it).

If you want to start a smooth initiation of Take That, I would recommend to watch their shows (the newest ones such as Progress Live, the Circus Live, III live…). The oldest ones might not be very « modern » in term of scenery and looks, which might be a bit demotivating ! Their videoclips from the 90’s too, sometimes are close to ridiculous….!

Same for the albums: you’d better start listening the most recent ones because the orchestration of the songs from the 90’s is getting pretty old and sometimes close to kitsch (full of synth and rhythm box) but might seduce the nostalgic ones. Their last album Greatest hits « Odyssey » seems to be a good option to get a good overview of the discography.

Anyway, you must like English pop… so let me know if you could be ready to become a fan too! (and if not, don’t worry I won’t blame you!)


My Carebears collection

At the down of my fourties, saying that I own a collection of Care Bears doesn’t add up any credibility or may cause teasing but I totally assume.

Why having kids interests couldn’t match with adult life? I actually like the Japanese state of mind, they know how to have fun and like wearing costumes in the Disney parks (or even in the streets!) when 70 years old and without being put in a pigeonhole. As for me, I think I can be «responsible » when needed: loving kids stuff is not a handicap to be seen as someone serious.

This love for the Care Bears came when I was 5, when I received my first teddy bear «Tenderheart bear» for Christmas. My older brother has contributed a lot to this passion because we played together, made him talk and live great adventures. It might sound cheesy but it was really a playdate comrade.

After the years, I’ve kept this ritual and it added some imagination to my childhood and my teenage years. After the years passing by, my Tenderheart bear fell into disrepair… by being too much loved! I then discovered the new care bears in the 2000 and the collection fever started at this point.

I don’t look for the rare editions but every time I see one that I don’t already own (small size only!) when I travel or in a shop, I may purchase it.

I keep them in a box under a bench (as you might have seen in my Instastories a few months ago with the famous #GarbageBagGate !) and my favourite now is « Good luck bear » (his nickname: Pépé) that I sometimes show on Instagram. I know there is a strong « nostalgic » value in this passion but how can we not melt with these rainbows colours?


Going out or doing parties without drinking alcohol

It isn’t really a passion but more by necessity considering my very low tolerance with alcohol I’ve already told you about in the past.

During my years at the university, with a lot of parties and alcohol, I was probably the only one to never drink.

It was not a problem especially as I know how to have fun, dance and be enthusiastic without lawful (or not!) substance. I’ve had a few times some comments (and even today!) when I declined a glass to rather drink a juice or coca-cola: «Ohhh let it go! Have fun! Have a drink! »

I actually think it’s pretty sad because sometimes people were almost forcing me even though I didn’t want to drink alcohol. So I’ve remained faithful to my soft drink or my glass of fresh water, nevermind the spiteful remarks. Indeed, I am not a huge fan of the taste of the alcohol and I am not really strong (one glass of cider is enough to limit my eye sight): I can only drink if it’s paired with a meal and not all the time ! So I don’t see the point to force myself.

At the end, people stop trying, I let them talk and I keep having fun with all my clear mind but I find it a bit annoying to always associate parties and conviviality with alcohol…

What about you? Do you have misunderstood passions/tastes to declare? (English translation by Quiterie)


Take That Photos credits: Tim Roney,, Surrey live, Andy Parsons

Monsters, mangas and Murakami

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The « Japonismes » event is finally over, which I greatly regret because I’ve loved discovering these exhibition about Japan during a few months

However, here is a bit of extra as last weekend I visited for the very first time the « Musée en herbe » museum to discover the « Monsters, mangas and Murakami » exhibition.


Le musée en herbe

Astro Boy” book cover by Osamu Tezuka


This museum is mostly dedicated to kids but somehow I am still one, no? Anyways, if you have children you want to keep busy during weekends or holidays, I recommend you to take them there: there is something for everyone.

Indeed, during the visit, I was discreetly listening the guided tour for the kids and thought it could be fun to follow it as well!

“Mr Dob” by Takashi Murakami et traditional japanese masks


The main theme of this exhibition is about monsters, robots and mostly TakashiMurakami –the king of Kawaii -pieces of art, which allows different people from 7 to 77 years old to get interested in various degrees.

Kids will be amused by the multiples colours, robots, DIY daisy flowers, monsters to hunt with whoopee cushions (don’t judge me if I am telling you that I wanted to hunt too).

Andy Warhol Vs Takashi Murakami


The adults (the real ones) will be more interested in the nostalgia of the few old boards of anime from Osamu Tezuka or Jirō Taniguchi and will note how Murakami got inspired by the flowery pieces of art from Andy Warhol.

The exhibition is pretty short (about 4 rooms if I remember well) but still interesting to see if you like Japanese culture, its monsters and the pieces of Takashi Murakami, the famous Warhol from the country of rising sun. (English translation by Quiterie)


at Le Musée en herbe
23 Rue de l’Arbre Sec
75001 Paris
(until September 22nd 2019)

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