Feeling good at home

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As you know, 2 years ago we did some refurbishment work in our apartment while trying to eliminate the unnecessary things and only keep the essentials (and a bit of unnecessary essential… such as my Care Bears). Since then, I have to admit that it’s been a real pleasure to stay at home and enjoy the cosy and simple ambiance.

For me, a room without too many items can remain convivial and confortable. Here are a few things I’ve tried in order to find the Holy Grail in term of comfort and wellness at home. Obviously, all the following is completely subjective and depends on everyone tastes (some will prefer busy and colorful decoration to feel good) but here are the things that work for me to find serenity in my « Home sweet Home ».


Less items to live more

When we have less things at home, one of the most annoying thing called « cleaning » requires less time! Just for this, I am happy that I took the decision to clear up our apartment, and more specifically the bathroom that remains pretty much the same as what I showed you here. All the cosmetics (and I have far less than before) are partitioned into drawers, so they won’t get covered with dust but remain easy to access.

To possess less also provides less stress as we are not worried to break or lose something that we don’t own ! (Ahah smart isn’t it?)

The difficulty is also to fit only the necessary: so here is why I’ve been trying to brief my friends that I prefer food or immaterial gifts (Hello ! the annoying one it’s me!), considering longer my potential purchase, trying to repair the things I already have…


Create a small urban jungle

Adding plants inside also helped to emphasize this sensation of wellness. Indeed, I had read somewhere that if it was advised to lower the number of furniture and trinkets at home to feel better, the quantity of plants didn’t have any limit: open bar for greeneries!

On my side, I will keep a reasonable number as it requires to nurture these beauties! (…and.I don’t want to trip over branches or creepers when getting out of bed).


Bring softness

A cocooning place can’t work without a little bit of softness: I’ve tried to add a touch with furry cushions or hairy carpets. I’ve also got blankets that I leave on the sofa or store in a large box in the leaving room, ready to use if a chilly wind would come around.


Get rid of the maximum of text on the posters

I’ve noticed since I decided to hang on the wall only illustrations or photos, my mind was more relaxed compared to posters with text (no more encouraging mantras such as “Life is good” “Believe in you” or long sentences (even funny ones) on the wall). To relax my brain, without seeing too many things to read relaxes me more (maybe one of the reason to explain why I feel so good when I am in Japan as I don’t understand any of the ads in the streets!).

The only two exceptions are these frames « with text » in our bedroom but we can’t see them while we sleep, and they have a kind of sentimental value.


Remain in the neutrality and natural

(Let’s say it again, it’s very subjective) My interior used to be very colorful and I had this feeling that it was bringing me energy and comfort but I’ve actually found out that I prefer neutral places (white walls, furniture made with natural materials such as wood, rattan, wicker…).

You’ll probably tell me that Pinterest and Instagram inspired me and it’s also trendy to choose natural space, but after 2 years, I think I am ready to stay in this simple environment. Let’s see what the future holds but as for now I like it this way.


So here are a few examples of things that helps me to feel better at home. Maybe you also have a few tips to share with me?

To illustrate this article, I drew my childhood dream: a Polly Pocket house (I think I’ve never owned it but I’d secretly dreamed about it) = Small space (big houses scare me a bit… which is a good thing as I don’t have the budget to purchase one!), everything handy and the feeling to be in a cocoon. Winter and bad weather are rapidly approaching: now I can say « Not afraid! » .

PS : if you want to see interior images that I like, I have a « Home sweet home » board on Pinterest that could inspire you! (English translation by Quiterie)

Back in Osaka

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We started and finished our Japanese road trip by Osaka. It was our second time there (first time in 2014) and I still like the bustle and the people more laid back compared to Tokyo. We stayed there 3 days but it gave us the opportunity to discover the hidden face of the city, walking away from the very touristic Dotonbori area. We wanted to visit a more quiet area and we found it!

I also got the chance to meet one evening Kuniyoshi, with whom I’ve often been chatting on Instagram since my last trip in 2014 (we can say whatever we want but social media connect people!) and he took us to discover a lot of local specialities… which means that you’ll find at the end of this article a lot of yummy addresses! Let’s go!


Nakazakicho neighborhood

If you look for a peaceful area full of vintage shops, this one is for you! Looking a bit like Shimokitazawa in Tokyo but even more authentic (for how long?). As a proof, we were almost alone when we visited the narrow streets of Nakazakicho (if I remember well it was a Wednesday), might be different during weekends though…

This being said, the walk was very pleasant: Japanese designer shops and vintages shops are everywhere. The staffs were quite talkative and nice (even more than usual!) even though most of them didn’t speak a word of English.

This neighborhood, mixing housing and shops, always have nicely decorated storefronts. This little vintage shop called GREEN PEPE is a real Ali Baba’s cave, with clothes, handmade vintage items, tableware… It’s a bit hidden but if you explore all the streets around, you should find it.

This ORANGE shop was also very interesting as we found vintage Disney and Toy Story Tshirts for ¥2000. All collectors of figurines and other small famous pop culture items would find here something to please them.

Thanks to the advices of an old lady owner of a small flea market store and our traditional sign language, we found KONNICHTEI (4-chome-3-1 Wakae Higashimachi Higashiosaka), this restaurant of Soba noodles, which was delicious and pretty refreshing considering the 30°C outside.



Housing in the Abeno Haruka tower

For these few days in Osaka, we stayed at the Miyako Osaka hotel located inside the Abeno Haruka building, built in 2014, the tallest in Japan!

I didn’t take any picture of the room but we loved our few days there. During our stay we also had the chance to do a morning run with the 58th floor view (you can see that on my Instagram Story) and it was pretty nice because we were the only ones to enjoy the view (Japaneses or tourists seems to be less athletic as me! I let you imagine that ahah!)

Our view from the 53th floor


Anyway, we didn’t regret our choice of housing at the end of the road trip because there were a lot of shops nearby so it was very convenient to purchase gifts during our last day!


Kuniyoshi’s yummy addresses in Osaka

As I was telling you earlier in this article, I got the chance to meet Kuniyoshi (aka “Kuni”), the owner of 6 shops (!) of wagyu barbecue (Matsusakagyu M), who I met in 2014 when I went to one of his restaurants and with whom we had spent a very good time.

This time we spent the whole evening together so he could show us his best addresses: the occasion to discover new specialities more or least exotics!



As the last time, we had the best wagyu beef, just soft and delicious. You can go there your eyes closed.


TEMPURA TAROJIRO (高橋ビル 1f, 1 Chome-8-20 Sennichimae)

Shrimp & melting egg Tempuras, Bonito tataki


As its name suggests, tempura is the speciality. We tried tempura with melting egg (marvelous) as well as the very surprising tempura with Shirako… but what is Shirako? Just… seminal liquid of fugu fish… in other words fish sperm!

Shirako tempura (=Fish sperm anyone ?)


As you probably saw in my instastories, I tried it and I loved it (even with your disgusted reactions). Honestly, nothing to be afraid of: the texture is halfway between soft tofu and panna cotta, without real strong taste and fried it’s definitely ok!

Must try if you like challenge but it’s really a small challenge, I swear!

Other specialities like these big Hokkaido oysters with Ponzu sauce


NARUTO TAIYAKI (1 Chome-4-10 Sennichimae)

The best taiyaki I’ve ever had are there! These small stuffed waffles with fish shapes are handmade in front of you with a master chef turning two dozen of moulds like nobody else! Impressive!

Kuni told me that he was serving more than 800 taiyaki per day! Amongst the flavors: sweet potato, taro or custard: all delicious.


A few extras

Here are a few extra addresses (some revealed by Kuni, some we randomly passed by for our great pleasure).

YAKIMINO-NANCHI (1-9-6 Namba Chuo-Ku) A tableware and traditional ceramic address: where I found our plates and flower pots perfectly imperfect!

My little souvenirs


KUA’ AINA (Naniwa Ward, Nanbanaka, 2 Chome−10−70 なんばパークス 6F) : Hawaian burger place found in Tokyo: such a pleasure to find it here, and this light smoked taste.

KUROMON SANPEI (2 Chome-4 Nipponbashi, Chuo Ward) : Seafood restaurant prepared in front of you.

ACCHICHI HOMPO DOTONBORI (7-19 Souemoncho, Chuo Ward) : To try yummy takoyaki (ball of octopus) speciality from Osaka.

HOZENJI SANPEI (1 Chome-7-10 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward) : One of the best place to eat okonomiyaki.

BINCHOTAN YAKITORI RESTAURANT (Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 2 Chome−4−4 日総・四国ビル B1): Grilled yakitori in a restaurant overseeing the famous Glico sign.

KOKOPELLI (Chuo Ward, Namba, 1 Chome−6−5 TMビル 1F ココペリ) : Burger restaurant with Kobe beef.

GOUKAI TACHIZUSHI (12-34, Nambasennichimae) : Very fresh sushi and sashimi.


So here was a small tour of new address in Osaka: I hope it will help you to prepare your trip: you can anyway read again my articles written in 2014. Let’s catch up again soon to start over our road trip from Awaji (… WELL! I know it takes me some time, my apologizes!). Looking forward to remembering it with you ! (English transation by Quiterie)

Khaki and beige

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A post about an outfit, it’s been a while! You may have noticed that my outfits have become simpler over the years as my closet, which is not yet optimal (I am still looking for a few perfect cuts to replace those not perfect but that are doing the job anyway).

This being said, I can fit my 4-season clothes in my closet (no need to switch the winter/summer clothes = everything fit in… just perfect!). I could reduce it even more but as for now, it’s already good.

Actually, getting ready without adding any newbies, I can do it 90% of the time. But today, here are two new pieces to complete all my basics: these earrings and the pants. This last one doesn’t have a flattering fit but I like its color, high waist (to wear also with a belt) and I might ask a retoucher to change the thighs so the shape would fit me better.

As for the rest, I have had them in “stock” for a while:

  • My loose khaki jacket (2015) : (already seen here and here) a masterpiece, irreproachable quality that can be cleaned in a washing machine ; with a perfect fit. I also consider to wear it with light pink.
  • My Birkenstocks (2018) : (already seen here and here) I am enjoying the last few days of summer to wear them in a street style way like here.
  • This black shirt from Sézane : a basic shirt that I own in grey and white (I’ve got them since the beginning of this year but I don’t think if I have ever shown them here): the boyfriend cut is perfect: I will tell you more about the length of life after a few years of cleaning.
  • This net bag brought back from Thailand (2018) : (already seen here) ideal to carry everything inside = it changes from the usual wicker basket.

I immortalized this look at home before joining my girlfriends for a brunch: I thought the colors were in perfect harmony with my Medinilla magnifica and as the flowers won’t last long, I wanted to keep a souvenir! Two birds with one stone! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Long jacket La Redoute (2015) (already seen here and here)
Tee-shirt Sézane
Pants La Redoute Collections
Sac brought from Thailand (2018) (already seen here)
Sandals Birkenstock (2018)
Earrings La Redoute Collections

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