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It’s been almost 3 years since I went back to Japan… However, I still have 2 more stages to tell you about, from my May-June 2019 trip to Shikoku Island. We are at the penultimate post before the end of the report of this wonderful road-trip: I am taking my time but hope to finish my travelogue before maybe being able to go back again!

Last time, I made you visit the island of Naoshima. Today’s program includes Teshima Island and some details about the stopover town of Takamatsu where we stayed for 3 nights. So I’m going back into the meanders of my memory to tell you all about it, hoping that it will be useful in the near future: Let’s go!




GETTING TO TESHIMA : As I told you last time, we booked 3 nights in Takamatsu and opted for the ferry to reach Naoshima and Teshima (=one day of visit for each island).

In the same way as for Naoshima, it is necessary to go to the port of Takamatsu in order to reach Teshima by boat. We were eager to discover Teshima, Naoshima’s little sister island, less popular but just as rich in contemporary art.

This time we took the time to rent electric bikes to ride around the island and I highly recommend doing so. It shortens the distances (even if the island is small with its 14.5 km² surface) and allows you not to miss anything.


There are only a few shaded areas and few shops so if you plan to visit Teshima in the summer, bring a hat (or a bucket hat!) and a water bottle and something to snack on.


ART IN TESHIMA: : As in Naoshima, just wander around the island and you’ll come across various contemporary art installations and works. Plan your visit or let your steps or pedals take you there.


  • TESHIMA ART MUSEUM : This round-architecture museum by Ryūe Nishizawa, houses only one work of art by Rei Nato that is conducive to meditation and contemplation.

The Teshima Art Museum designed by Ryūe Nishizawa,an overview of Rei Nato and the souvenir shop


This Zen experience mixing art, nature and architecture is difficult to transcribe, especially since photos are forbidden. We stayed there for a long time in the most peaceful and special atmosphere. I loved it.


  • LES ARCHIVES DU COEUR : This French project was born from the artist Christian Boltanski (who passed away last July). Since 2008, it has been collecting the heartbeats of visitors from the four corners of the world who come to Teshima. A sound catalogue lists all these heartbeats and you can record your own.


  • “NO ONE WINS-MULTIBASKET” by LLOBET & PONS : This rather unusual piece of work allowed me to multiply by 6 my chances to score a basket (contrary to what its name may suggest, hehe!)

“No one wins – Multibasket” de Llobet & Pons


  • TESHIMA YOKOO HOUSE : A collaborative project between artist Tadanori Yokoo and architect Yuko Nagayama, in a renovated old house, with the theme of life and death, gathers various artworks as well as a particular garden with red coloured rocks.

In front of Teshima Yokoo house and in the empty streets of Teshima…


EATING IN TESHIMA : When we went there in 2019, there were not many cafes and restaurants open. Maybe there are more since then, I don’t know… So pack some small snacks to take with you for the day.


  • SHIMA KITCHEN : We had lunch at this place, designed by architect Ryo Abe. It offers simple menus based on curry and fish and is intended to be a place to meet and talk.

At Shima Kitchen’s counter


We came across a party/kermesse that day, gathering some of the islanders and it was quite funny to see the show the children had prepared.



Ritsurin garden


Takamatsu was only for us an “accommodation” town that we reached from Otoyo, Nagafushi (see map of our route).

So we didn’t explore it thoroughly (since it was mainly used to come back every night to sleep after each trip to Naoshima and Teshima) but since it seemed essential to discover its zen garden (reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Japan), we went through it with pleasure the first day of our arrival.


RITSURIN GARDEN : When we arrived, an old man offered to give us a tour: this guide spoke a few words of English and seemed bored by the lack of people in the garden (certainly due to the off-season and the threatening grey weather).

We happily followed him around the garden, listening to him detail each tree and remarkable plant… before being caught by the rain. But even with this hazardous weather, the view of the south basin and its little bridge was breathtaking.


The Folk craft museum in the Ritsurin garden


MY ADDRESSES IN TAKAMATSU : I tested a few gourmet addresses that I share with you here, in addition to the hotel where we stayed for 3 nights.


  • SANUKI MENNOSUKE : An unpretentious but rather good soba and udon noodle restaurant. Perfect for a quick bite.


  • OSHOKUJIDOKORO SHIRUNOMISE OFUKURO : Seeing how busy this restaurant was, we thought it was a good place to go… and it was! Family food without fuss but well prepared. The only downside is that the owner seems to be pushing us a bit when choosing the dishes but the atmosphere is lively and the food is comforting.


  • ROYAL PARK HOTEL TAKAMATSU : A nice and clean place to stay (with a laundry annex: perfect to do your laundry). We spent a lot of time in the evening in the lounge (where breakfast was also served every morning). It was the perfect and quiet place to rest and study our next destination!

Breakfast at Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu


Our road-trip will end soon (well, I should say…AT LAST ! because it took me almost 3 years to tell all this!) as we will leave again to Awaji but at Sumoto city for a last relaxing and spa experience, made of hot baths facing the sea. See you at the next (and last) stage! (English translation by Quiterie)

My 2021 fashion review

· Fashion

Last year’s fashion review was a good one for you… and for me, it was useful to get an idea of what I really consumed during a whole year and to know if my acquisitions were judicious or not.

I’m repeating the experiment for 2021 by listing all the clothes and accessories that have entered my wardrobe. Let’s go for the complete list!


13 novelties in 2021 : 7 purchases and 6 gifts in 2021

In 2021, I made more purchases than in 2020 (7 instead of 3 in 2020). Perhaps the semblance of a social life back and the fact that I didn’t accept any fashion partnerships in 2021 may have had an influence too?

As far as gifts are concerned, I will detail each one below: they come from friends (on my birthday) but also from fellow bloggers work that I wanted to support as I liked their creations.

For the birthday gifts, I was not able to “control” these entries in my wardrobe (that said, fortunately my friends know my tastes and my desire to consume sustainably!) but for the rest, it was done in all conscience because I thought carefully before accepting the gift.



Parka “Gertrude” APC


Date of purchase : January 2021 (during the sales)

Why I bought it : As mentioned in the conclusion of the 2020 review, I had been looking for a khaki parka with a hood and a minimalist design for a while. I came across this APC “Gertrude” model during the winter sales and despite the relatively high price (even at a discount), I didn’t hesitate as I already have quite a few accessories from this brand and I am satisfied with the quality over time. The cut and the look were also what I was looking for: Bingo!

My daily use : I wore it a lot in 2021 and still do now, when the winter/autumn weather is uncertain and I don’t want to carry an umbrella with me. It’s light, warm, waterproof and yet urban/stylish: For me it’s a winning and hopefully sustainable purchase.



Derbies “Ambre” APC


Date of purchase : January 2021 (during the sales)

Reason for purchase :To replace my patent Dr.Martens derbies (I’m telling the story about them here))

My daily use : I wear them quite regularly but I got used to wear slippers/sneakers almost non stop since lockdown which means that I often prefer sneakers. That said, when I want to go for a more preppy style, I happily wear them. I like the way they look and are a good (although more expensive and non patent) alternative to my beloved Dr. Martens, which have become strangely uncomfortable.



Hawaiian shirt (second hand purchase)


Date of purchase : August 2021

Reasons for purchase : same as for the khaki parka, it was on my 2020 wishlist. I found it by chance while browsing on Etsy. It’s second hand, from Honolulu with a pattern printed in Japan: What else?

My daily use I haven’t had the time to wear it much yet as I found it at the end of summer 2021 but I’m planning to wear it during the next summer season. I’m delighted with the look and authenticity of this item.



Tee-shirt Classic “ivory white” Colorful Standard


Date of purchase : Spring 2021

Reasons for purchase : It was originally intended for my darling, but I made a mistake with the size and colour (I thought I was ordering a white colour and chose “Ivory white”, but it turned out that Ivory white was closer to an off-white than a white, and that the shirt was too small for my darling (I predicted a M size, when he would have needed an L)… Add to all this a monumental laziness to send it back, I thought I would inherit it.

My daily use : A blessing in disguise (I swear I didn’t get the colour and size wrong on purpose!), I wore it quite a few times during this spring-summer. A straight cut, cream coloured t-shirt is finally useful in my wardrobe. The quality is pretty ok (organic cotton, made in Portugal) but the fabric is a bit too stiff and wrinkly. Good but not perfect.



Sandales “Midform Universal leather” TEVA


Date of purchase : Summer 2021

Reasons for purchase : Probably due to the fact that I’ve seen them for a few years on instagram on some pretty stylish instagrammers. I was seduced by their “urban hiking sandals” look. I almost fell in love with a similar model at Mango but after thinking about it, I thought it would be better to invest in the originals (even if ethically, in terms of manufacturing, I’m not fooled, it must be same same).

My daily use : The dye of the leather rubbed off on my feet at the beginning but after waterproofing them (inside the straps), this does not happen anymore. The comfort is as convincing as my Birk’ with a better foot/ankle support. I will happily wear them again next summer, alternating with my Birkenstocks.



Bucket hat Lack of Color (déjà porté en été ici)


Date of purchase :Summer 2021 (Sales)

Reasons for purchase : A family trip to La Samaritaine during the summer sales. A nice discount, its off-white colour and the quality of the fabric.

My daily use : I wear it mostly when it’s hot and the sun is shining. But a bucket hat for a winter look can also work (proof is in these pictures, if you like bucket hats).



Socks Nishiguchi Kutsushita


Date of purchase : Autumn 2021

Reasons for purchase : A trip to the Boutique Générale in the Marais after having a curry at Pontochoux. I wanted to invest in “made in Japan” socks.

My daily use : Grey is one of the colours I wear most often. These socks are a great wardrobe staple and keep my feet warm.



Hoodie H&M


Gift date : January 2021 for my birthday

My daily use : I wouldn’t have bought this hoodie on my own given the provenance (I avoid fast fashion stores as much as possible) but this gift initiative was a winner as I wore it a lot in 2021. It’s a pastel yellow colour that I didn’t have. After washing it several times, the quality is pretty good (no lint or “cheap” look) even if the composition (cotton polyester) and the manufacturing conditions are not really perfect.



Socks Léopoldine Chateau


Gift date : January 2021 for my birthday

My daily use : I haven’t worn them yet because they were given to me “to embellish my outfits to go to Disneyland” (thanks Jérémy :-)). I went to the park several times in 2021 but the weather was maybe not mild enough (or too hot) for me to wear them. They are not the style of socks I wear on a daily basis but for a visit to the Disney park, they are just what I like (for a Minnie Mouse inspired look!). So I’m waiting for warmer weather so I can pull them out and do them justice!



 “Carmen” bracelet Fabien Ajzenberg


Gift date : January 2021 for my birthday

My daily use : I wouldn’t have bet on this bracelet with big links to wear on a daily basis but it turns out that I wear it very often! (Thanks Lionelou <3) It brings a touch of sophistication to a basic outfit and doesn’t hinder my movements despite its imposing appearance. Good choice!



Necklace “Henrietta” Monsieur Paris


Gift date : September 2021 (=my surprise 40th birthday in 2020 (postponed, for… you know what))

My daily use : I wear it every day since it was carefully chosen by my friends for my 40th birthday (celebrated 1 and a half years after the real date) but also because I find that its sobriety and elegance go with any outfit. A great sentimental value in addition to being a piece of jewellery perfectly suited to my taste.



Tee-shirt Les Sublimes worn in June 2021


Gift date : June 2021 by Anne, creator of the brand Les Sublimes.

My daily use : I accepted Anne’s gift with pleasure because the cut of this white t-shirt is really my favourite for a basic. It’s crew neck, straight, loose, it’s perfect. The quality is there (the cotton is so soft!), which doesn’t spoil anything. This t-shirt ticks all the boxes of the ideal purchase.



Gift date : October 2021 by Victoria of Mango & Salt, for the launch of her collaboration with Manora Bijoux

My daily use : I wear these earrings very often because they are space saving, light, graphic and elegant. Victoria was right when she offered to give them to me and I am flattered that she thought of me. These earrings, besides being to my taste, are useful and part of a more than honourable approach (the profits being donated to the league against cancer).


My assessment

The entries in my dressing room were more numerous in 2021 than in 2020 (13 against 8) and some were not voluntary (gifts) but each new arrival found its place and I do not regret any purchase (or unsuitable gift!). Everything is appreciated and I am pleased with the quality of everything that has come in this year.

As for the Leopoldine Chateau socks, it’s the perfect example of an accessory that is not “useful” but which I am delighted to own to bring variety to my outfits worn on my next visits to Disneyland. For me, dressing to match the atmosphere of the park is important. It gives me a “spark of happiness” (so special to Marie Kondo).

What I find useful/pleasant for me will not necessarily be so for another person with a different hobby and lifestyle than mine. So it’s hard to model your own fashion assessment and clothing needs on someone else’s, in case you want to compare.

Having said that, following my 2020 review, I can consider my wardrobe to be optimal as I have found everything I had in mind in my ideal wishlist (I might add some stylish and comfortable rain boots to that wishlist).

I don’t feel the need to buy anything new, but it might still be possible to have a crush in 2022, and I will maybe receive gifts from friends and family, not to mention the clothes/shoes that may need to be replaced if needed. We can check all this for 2022 at the next review in a year’s time!

On you side, any newbies in 2021? (English translation by Quiterie)

Happy 2022 !

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The year 2021 ended as special (or almost) as 2020. Our freedom of action and movement was not really complete, but some great things happened and I am grateful that I was able to keep myself and my loved ones healthy again. I hope that this was also the case for you.


A delightful year 2022

What do I wish you in this new year 2022? Obviously health, which has become even more than before, the precious basis for considering any other wish.

Then the satisfaction of being able to realise or see realised what you desire. I wish you happiness in your lives, in little pieces and big moments, from the bottom of my heart.


Love, health and happiness!

For the 5th consecutive year, I have designed a greeting card to welcome the new year with dignity. I wanted to create a card that celebrates greed, as a metaphor encouraging us to fully savour life.

I drew in a few little biscuits, highlighting my love for Japan (and I want to make it clear that the cake and biscuits are gluten-free if you are allergic 😉

3 choices of colours and wishes for this card: Love, health, happiness. The winning trio for a successful year (life?)!


A signed card for you

And here is my traditional contest of the beginning of the year to try to win a greeting card of your choice, signed by me and sent to your mailbox. To do so, you have to:

  • Leave me a comment below
  • Let me know what you choose between love, happiness and health! (Hehe, your year 2022 will depend on the chosen colour, make the right choice!)
  • You have until midnight on January 6th to do so

I will choose 20 people to whom I will send my wishes by mail. Thanks in advance for your presence here and your participation …and happy new year 2022 to all of you! (English translation by Quiterie)


EDIT : Thanks for your best wishes and comments below : Once again let me wish you a happy new year, may happiness, love and good health be with you all day long ! Here are the people who will receive a greeting card by mail (check your mailbox and spams) : thanks again for entering my annual contest and happy new year !


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