Five senses #16

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I’m finally back with a « Five senses » blog post while most of us have been locked down the past month, doing activities mostly at home (for those who are lucky enough to work from home).

I hope this article will entertain you if your mood is a bit down or if you need some inspiration. I, as always, gathered all the things that have delighted my 5 senses hoping to share some good vibes… More than ever, take care!



On March 11th, I had an appointment with the hairdresser for a Japanese permanent waving. It’s been since last January that I had booked this appointment, as I was waiting for the perfect length in order to get a short wavy square haircut. Lucky me it was just on time before the lockdown.

So it’s been a month with this new haircut and I’ve been very happy about it. As I was saying on this picture, I went to the Japanese salon called Petit O’Sola (12 bis rue de Londres 75009 PARIS) (which I hope will reopen very soon) where I got a “Digital perm”.

This Japanese treatment gives your hair natural waves without the « tight curl » effect, even if you have straight and thin hair as mine! Of course, it might be (as any other hair treatment) aggressive for hair fibers but since then, I’ve tried to take care of them by using a mask once a week and a lotion to moisturize/shape the curls, after washing them (I’ve alternated with Vegan curl cream from Cut by Fred and the Curl Legend spray from Phytospecific).

I use a hairdryer or just air dry and that’s it! So easy for a daily routine, I’ll wait and see how it will look after a few months (it will be more flat on top as it’ll get longer) but I’ve been enjoying this volume! A revelation!



Feeling good at home has been more important than ever lately: so I can’t regret all the work I’ve done the past few years in my interior, and most especially to get it more simple. Our balcony is such a plus that allows us to enjoy being outside, considering we’ve been mostly staying at home.

Here are a few pictures of the greeneries on our balcony that I already shown (here and there). Big up to our Japanese maple trees that give a Japanese ambiance as soon as we get outside on the balcony.



I’ve never shared a skin care routine on this blog simply because I’ve always had a hard time to find the right products for my combination skin (= imperfections, shiny and dehydrated zones).

But, I think I may say that since the past year, the quality of my skin has improved: well hydrated and only one or two acne spots per month (depending of my periods) at the most ! I’ve been dealing with this acne/dry skin since I was a teen so I’m happy to finally get this balance (it was about time… I’m 40!).

I don’t know if it’s my age, my products or the more peaceful life rhythm that have a positive effect but here are the products I’ve been using every morning and night. Maybe you’ll find solution ideas.



  • La lavande Eau première “Les Inspyrées” : I spray some and wipe with a reusable cotton disk from the same brand.
  • Tolériane ultra 8 “La Roche Posay” : A few spray that I leave on my skin without wiping off.
  • Crème Magnifica “Sanoflore” : Once the previous spray is soaked up, I apply this cream all over my face.
  • Aquareva BB crème dorée “Noreva” : I add up this BB cream to unify my skin without covering too much, it also moisturizes a bit more.
  • Eye contour Hyalu B5 “La Roche Posay” : I’ve been using this one lately but I always change when the tube is empty.
  • Powder Accord parfait “L’Oréal Paris” : For an anti-shine touch along the day. I’ve tried eco-friendly/clean mineral powders without luck. So I went back to this one.



  • “Caudalie” oli cleanser : I apply on my dry skin, add up a bit of water, make circle movements to remove my make up and rinse.
  •  “Les Inspyrées” soap (I buy the big soap bar (200g) and cut it into pieces) : I finish up the cleansing by washing my face with this soap.
  • La lavande eau première “Les Inspyrées” and  spray Tolériane Ultra 8 “La Roche Posay” : that I spray as in the morning
  • Soin de nuit ressourçant Nectar de roses “Melvita” : As soon as I have one tube done, I try another one but so far I’m satisfied with this one.
  • Eye contour Hyalu B5 “La Roche Posay” : same as the morning one
  • Scrub and mask : I do it once in a while but don’t really have a specific brand to recommend.


And that’s all! Lately I haven’t worn much make up at home : it helps my skin even more to get the right hydration (I will give you my make up routine later but just so you know, it’s very simple).

I can also add that I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and mostly drink green tea (one in the morning) and herbal tea during the day: it must have a positive impact on my skin.



During this lockdown, I’ve been cooking more than ever and even though we can find a lot of recipes online, I love opening my favorite cookbooks. Here are those I find particularly useful and especially with the current situation. I took photos of my favorite recipe in each book to give you some ideas.



The result IRL (I’ve added some eggs so, this is veggie not vegan)



A simple and so good vietnamese curry !



…to eat with rice and some vegetable : so delicious!


Once the lockdown will be over, you’ll be able to buy them in a book store. They really worth it.



In a normal time, I listen quite a lot of music while I work in front of my screen but during this lockdown, I am even more into it. So here are the music I’ve loved listening lately, you might want to listen them too!



Her album “Future Nostalgia” appeared to me like a ray of sunshine during this lockdown. I’ve loved all her songs since the beginning but I have to admit that her last album with 80s inspiration, thought in details, can be easily listened. A real « good mood » album mixing nostalgia and trendy sounds.

I was pleased to discovered the INXS cover (“Need you tonight” for “Break my heart”) or White Town (“Your woman” for “Love again”). I was supposed to go to her concert on the 4th of May but considering the circumstances, it was postponed to next year. Meanwhile, I have some time to listen it over and over again!



I cant’ remember how I discovered this artist from Iceland a few years back but it you want a cosy ambiance at home, I can only recommend to listen his songs. His last album called « Bury the moon » was the soundtrack all the winter season for me and I’ve kept listening it during the lockdown.

If you want a bit more of exoticism, you’d better listen his Icelandic version of the album (called « Satt »): it’s calm, a bit of nostalgic and it directly sends you to a wild nature (I can imagine myself in this kind of cabin while I listen these songs).



I quite often add music on my Instagram stories because it explains my mood and also allows me to share the songs I like: if you like them, I created my Instastories playlists (2018, 2019 et 2020) on my Deezer account. A mix of pop (mostly english), folk and acoustic songs. If you are a fan, you’ll got a lot to listen. (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Jacket Will Sézane (lended by my mum)
Tee-shirt designed by me
Vintage belt (from my mum)
Pants American Apparel (already seen here)
Flats Mango (already seen here)
Earrings Mango (already seen here)

Comfy minimalism

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It’s been a while since my last outfit article over here: as part of a collaboration with Uniqlo, I will talk about 2 basic pieces of clothes that I carefully chose while waiting for the warmer weather and I will show you 2 (even 3) outfits that are minimalist and timeless.

After the years, you’ve probably noticed that my outfits has become simpler (but I was coming from far!). Actually, from now on, I only purchase clothes with a good timeless/quality ratio in order to wear them over and over again without thinking about the last trends.

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that I particularly like because of its unbeatable Japanese know-how in terms of technical innovation (the Heat-tech line and mini-down jacket (that I wear beneath my coats) are my tricks to stay warm during winter time). And if you’ve followed me for a while, you must know that this brand has already been in my closet because it fits me well, but also my style and resists wear (such as my grey hooded sweat or my white jeans that I often wear).

So here is why I naturally picked 2 shirts looking minimalist and comfy, hoping the quality would be as good as my previous pieces.


The white linen shirt

This shirt is a basic must have (I’ve only had one with short sleeves). So I picked this one in the women linen shirt category. It’s also available in other colors: I hesitated with the pink one but I thought I would wear it more often in white, and it could be the perfect ally when I’m not inspired and a mix a fancy and casual.


The look of the white shirt in linen changes depending on the accessories: I matched it here with my perfect white jeans and a pair of sneakers for a «casual » look but if I had a pair of heels and a pouch, I would be ready to party in a comfy way.



The denim shirt to share

I love the U collection from Uniqlo (imagined by the stylist Christophe Lemaire) because the cuts are always simple and well thought (actually my gray hooded sweater is from the collection). This time, I wanted to choose a piece that we could share with my SO.

Indeed, I picked in purpose a bigger size for this denim shirt in order to wear it oversized, the collar buttoned to the top, but also as a jacket or as overshirt opened.


My SO tried it on and for him it’s more fit (without being too fit): therefore he will be able to also wear it sometimes (we will need to negotiate!) with chino pants and a cap (=it’s his look lately!). By sharing it also means more space in our wardrobe… Smart isn’t it?


If you don’t feel like sharing, you can also find more feminine blouses made in different fabrics and cuts. Most of them are made of rayon, this half synthetic fabric that imitates silk with its softness and looseness (and that you don’t need to iron!).

As for me, I have a preference for the other fabrics available, rawer and more natural such a linen and cotton. In short, you’ll decide… as long as it’s qualitative and comfy!

PS : if you subscribe to the newsletter on the website of Uniqlo, you can get 10% off for you first order. (English translation by Quiterie)


(Article written as part of a paid collaboration with Uniqlo)

The cabin of my dreams

· Decoration, Illustration

Here I am again to share some inspirations of decoration to dream a little. I have always loved small living places (to live in a huge castle = not made for me!) and since I was a kid, I have always had the same passion for cabins.


Therefore, I decided to draw the house of my dream in an unrealistic scenery (= sakura trees growing in the middle of a lake!) but as we are in a dream, why should I hold back?

Below are a few inspiring photos I pinned on a dedicated Pinterest board “Dreamy cabins” (you can find all the credits and more pictures on my Pinterest account).



I love the cosy atmosphere of the wood and nature and when the decoration is a sweet mix of warmness/minimalism/raw materials/practicality, I am in heaven. Pleasure for the eyes now that might become a reality one day! (English translation by Quiterie)

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