PS11 : I Love you

· Fashion

I broke the bank last week. I wanted it for a while, was going for the brown but the tan was the obvious choice. But in the end I invested in the beautiful red in the mini version and I am delighted with it: the size is perfect, it is chic but not posh: ideal. … Read more

Le bonheur est à Petit-Brens

· Fashion, Travel

As I may have told you, last week I spent a weekend with family, far from the city, in a farm we have rented out for the 11 of us there, in Petit-Brens (in the Ain department). It was my first time in the area, and I loved it. The weather wasn’t really compliant, but … Read more

Beaune stopover

· Fashion, Travel

I’m back from a long weekend spent with family in the countryside, far from the city. And I have to admit, it feels great to be out where it’s so peaceful and quiet, surrounded by loved ones! It was a long car trip, so we it was an opportunity to stop in Beaune, Burgundy. I … Read more

Brussels Tram Experience

· Food, Illustration, Travel

Follow up and end of my gourmet Brussels adventure…I finish off with a very lovely culinary experience that I was made to discover. After my wintery exploits, I got to relive the same spirit with the belgian Tram experience. The principle: endulging in a gastronomic meal imagined by 8 hands (as in by 4 famous … Read more

My food addresses in Brussels

· Food, Illustration, Travel

You had been waiting, and here they are! Belgium is always the perfect place for yummy temptations, as you may have noticed here, here or here as well. Here are the addresses that had my tastebuds going mad during our weekend: Let’s go! FRUNCH at BIP (BIP, Maison de la Région , 2-4 Rue Royale) … Read more

Look & Shopping in Brussels

· Fashion, Travel

Today I’ll share my good shopping addresses while showing you an outfit that I wore during our weekend in Brussels (and that, comfortable as it was, was perfect for a shopping spree). I had the pleasure of meeting the bubbly stylist/creative consultant Linda Van Waesberge, who gave me all her tips. Thanks to her, I … Read more

A Weekend in Brussels

· Illustration, Travel

After leaving Japan with a heavy heart, I bring you today to a closer destination as it’s only 1h30 by way of Thalys train from Paris: I’m talking about beautiful Bruxelles! After Bruges, Antwerp and Gent, the belgium bug is undeniable. I’d already spent a short stay in the Belgium capital 10 years back but … Read more

Day 18 : Good Bye Japan !

· Food, Illustration, Travel

This is the end of our trip in Japan. I’m once again filled with nostalgia. It’s been 2 months since I came back from this fabulous trip, but sharing it with you kept me immersed in the culture: not a single day goes by where I’m not thinking / eating / reading / dreaming Japan. … Read more

Day 17 : Ginza Shopping

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

Badge Douze Août Breton shirt “Play” Comme des Garçons (déjà vue ici) Last days of vacation often mean … shopping! Shopping in the chic area of Ginza isn’t really the best deal in town, but we hadn’t been during our first trip. Ginza is the equivalent of the Champs Elysées (even though the latter is … Read more

Day 16 : Tokyo DisneySea

· Food, Illustration, Travel

After a few days in a serene atmosphere, we’re back in Tokyo for a few days before the end of our trip (aaah, I’m so sad!). We had to choose between all the japanese amusement parks: Universal Studio in Osaka, Puroland (dedicated to Hello Kitty & Friends) in Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland. It is possible … Read more

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