Movie Valentines

· Fashion, Illustration

Do you remember my Holiday selection for Marionnaud? This time, the famous perfumery asked me to create a new selection for the coming Valentine’s Day. I imagined what 3 movie couples would offer each other during this day celebrating Love (… well… if they could ever celebrate this day together because for some of them … Read more

Day 4 : Heading to Miyajima

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

I’m delighted to see you’re still enjoying our japanese trip in the fall (and I hope I’ll be finished telling you all about it by next fall!). After relaxing in Kinosaki Onsen, we’re off to discover new places. Next stop: Miyajima! Located by Hiroshima, this island has a few surprises in store for us!   … Read more

Pink & grey

· Fashion

Considering the past rainy days, I had to push myself to wear a pink pastel colour in order to boost my moral as soon as possible. I thought that an association with a shade of grey would gently spice it up. An occasion for me to wear a well-known bag for those who’ve been following … Read more

Sparking joy

· Fashion

The past few months, I have been declutting my closet after following Marie Kondo‘s method. It’s a bit difficult for me to follow what she says as I am really attached to my clothes, I like wearing them many times in different ways and don’t throw things away frenetically. I was able to strip down … Read more

Day 3 : Bathing and walking around Kinosaki

· Fashion, Travel

During our first day in Kinosaki Onsen, we familiarized ourselves with our traditional lodgings. On the second day, we finally got to enjoy this thermal town’s specialty : the onsen (or warm hot spring baths).   From one onsen to the next Kounoyu bath There are a total of seven onsen in Kinosaki : during … Read more

Five senses #1

· Fashion, Food

I had started this theme about 3 years ago and I thought it would be interesting to make it more often; so I will try to write every month so you can discover what delighted my 5 senses!   SIGHT Coffee/ hot chocolate Stencil Doiy Muffin molds Rice Tea towel Anthropologie Talking about food, the … Read more

Winter playsuit

· Fashion

After the frigid weather of the past few days, the (relative) mild climate seems to be coming back. So I seized this opportunity to wear a denim playsuit. A winter version with black tights and a camel color coat, I reconnect with the preppy style with short trousers! (English translation by Quiterie)

My detox program

· Food, Illustration

A week ago, I decided to try the Nubio detox program, following Claire’s good advices, the founder of the brand. You must start knowing how I am fond of eating: I eat everything, I am curious to try new flavours and I have a large appetite (= meaning “eager of good food”). To tell you … Read more

Regent Street

· Fashion, Food, Travel

I’ll admit … I didn’t come to London to apply for a job at the Kingsman secret service agency, but I was invited by Regent Street to discover the reknown shopping area (well, who’s to say I’m not an undercover spy?). The program was pretty intense, with yummy and spectacular discoveries. Here’s a little mix … Read more

Kingsman : The secret service

· Fashion

  “Manners maketh… woman” I went to London this weekend (I will tell you about the details soon but you might have already seen a small glimpse on Instagram): it is always a pleasure to go there as I love the atmosphere and the British style. And since I watched Kingsman, my favorite movie in … Read more

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