My Sushi Shop Lunchbox

· Fashion, Food

If you follow my social networks, you must have seen that I’ve been collaborating with Sushi Shop for the past few months. I accepted this partnership because I think this shop stand out from the others thanks to its creative changes, flavour audacity while respecting the harmony of the tastes. Actually, when I go to … Read more

Ko Hong

· Fashion, Travel

Continuation and conclusion of my Thai holidays! When I was telling you that this trip wasn’t to discover but more to relax, I was not lying to you! This last article however shows a small attempt to get away from our confortable long chairs since we went to Ko Hong island, the time of a … Read more

Blue Paradise Blues

· Fashion, Travel

I hope you had a good Easter weekend and remained reasonable with eggs and chocolate sculptures. On my side, since I’ve came back from Thailand I’ve been renovating bathroom and toilet (mmm, Glamorous!). The transition between paradise and reality is pretty abrupt but it’s for a good reason (can’t wait to dabble in a cosier … Read more

Tropical island

· Fashion, Travel

I just finished my Japanese stories to continue with another travel! I prefer telling you now that this last trip will be a way less detailed. Indeed, last week, we went to Thailand for “idleness & calm” vacations.   Desperately Seeking Sun  We were desperately looking for sun and warmness. We thought about Mexico but … Read more

Day 10 : Kamakura

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

We’re there. This is the end. I am regretfully announcing that this is the last post of the Japan Fall Trip 2015 series that started last november. As I told you at the beginning, my trip narrative was not in chronological order, since I started by telling you about Tokyo although it’s actually where our … Read more

Black velvet

· Fashion

I think that I’ve started having a nice collection of black dungarees but I couldn’t resist in front of this one, in velvet that gives a chic touch to the outfit. To wear during the day or at night functions of the accessories: it offers dozens of possibilities (even more than that!). (English translation by … Read more

Day 9 : Okayama

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

Tired of the rain! Kyoto, we’re leaving you for a day! For this 9th day, we got up very early and boarded the train for Okayama (the trip is 1h one way). Why this city? Because I had heard it was home to one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, the Kōrakuen, and I … Read more

Pralines & Cream

· Fashion

With this title you will probably want to devour a big ice cream but actually it’s more in reference to my today’s outfit colors harmony. Here is a very comfortable winter-spring transition look with this pair of derbies which made its first time outside. (I’ll try to keep them perfectly clean as long as possible!). … Read more

Bijoux & Bougies

· Decoration, Fashion

Here is a small “best-of” of my favourite candles and jewellery (I don’t count the bracelets I wear all day and you can see on my wrist).   Candles & jewellery The scented candles are my little weakness (actually, even more than the jewellery!) and its the kind of gift that people can offer me … Read more

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