Tired of this winter

· Decoration, Fashion

  Enough !… Every year at this period of the year, if you follow the same bunch of fashion bloggers, here is the main talk about from the girls with a lack of inspiration (… and living within the same latitude, because not sure we would say the same if we were living in the … Read more

Leo & Bandana

· Fashion

It’s been a while without wearing leopard print on this blog. I can’t get tired of it, far from it! This outfit is only made up with things that I’ve had in my closet for a certain while (from months to a few years) but the silhouette seems to perfectly goes with the latest trends: … Read more

Day 6 : Kyoto & Kinkaku-Ji

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

As I had told you in my first post about this japanese autumn trip, we really took advantage of our JR Pass, and our trip may not be an epitome of practicality. After filling our lungs with fresh nature air in Kinosaki and Miyajima, we headed back to Kyoto.   Kyoto, we’re back ! We … Read more


· Fashion

As a child excited to play with a new toy, I found a way to wear my denim shirt with my denim jacket before spring. The frozen temperature of this week-end not giving us a chance to think about other alternatives; this was with pleasure that I was able to wear all of them together … Read more

Chinese New Year at the Lili’s

· Food

Sorry if your head is starting to spin from hearing about Japan, then the Vietnamese new year with the family, and now Chinese new year at the Lili. That’s fifty shades of yellow right there ! Today is about the 6 course Chinese New Year meal served by the Lili restaurant at the Peninsula Paris … Read more

Five senses #2

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Once again our rendez-vous to know more about what pleased and delighted my 5 senses lately. Let’s go!   Sight “Scrabble” Ink stamps Wild & Wolf Lately I went to movie theatre and I enjoyed watching two movies totally different. First, I had a crush for Sweet Red Bean Paste (Anあん) (I don’t know if … Read more

Stripes and shearling

· Fashion

A bit of look with a mix of old and new stuffs. For the “oldies”, this jacket in fake shearling and my slated jeans seen quite often on this blog. For the new things, a stripe jersey with V shape stripes worn on top of a slightly thick chambray shirt. On my feet, a black … Read more

Day 5 : Miyajima & Mount Misen

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

Let’s keep going with our visit on the sacred island of Miyajima! As you can see, the weather was heavenly during our stay, which allowed us to ride the cable car all the way up to Mount Misen.   Low tide We rolled out of bed to the sight of the Torii Gate at low … Read more

The forest of enchantment

· Fashion, Travel

Disneyland, it’s a bit like my second house, as you can notice with all my visits out there. No matter if it’s in Tokyo or Paris, the magical remains present all year long and always fulfil my growing nostalgia.   Enchantment to the eyes What a pleasure when I got invited this weekend to the … Read more

Play it (almost) like Chung

· Fashion

The other day, Erica from “Blue is in Fashion this year” noticed that her silver boots were sleeping in her closet… It’s pretty much the same for me (except when I decide to be Princess Leia). I used them a few times on this blog but I wear them a way less often than my … Read more

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