A tailor-made afternoon with Guerlain

· Beauty, Fashion, Food

Last wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting “le 68”, the legendary Guerlain store, located on the Champs-Elysées avenue, n°68. Maison Guerlain had on top of this organized a tailored program just for me … I couldn’t have asked for more…it’s like a pre-Christmas gift. Indeed, when I arrived in front of the storefront, I … Read more

New eyelashes

· Beauty, Fashion

In this end-of-year period, I let myself enjoying new experimentations whether in culture or beauty. The latest one is eyelash extensions ! I indeed accepted the invitation from the “Les cils de Marie” institute to fulfill a long-standing desire that my Asian genes prevented to achieve so far. Indeed, Mother Nature gave me thin and … Read more

Sailor Moon Makeup

· Beauty, Fashion

I’ve always had a passion for the “Magical girls”, these girls from cartoon/anime who have the power to transform themselves in a magic wand (… and the power to give me the desire to draw since my childhood). Among them, Sailor Moon is my favourite (with Creamy Mami) and since my teenage years, even though … Read more

My essentials for 3 days

· Beauty

Weekend in Auvergne means toilet case for 3 days. I thought it might be interesting to show you the beauty products I will bring during these few days. The occasion to describe my latest favourite products and make-up routine (which is not very complicated). Your advices are also welcome if you also have fetish products. … Read more

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