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To stay in Paris during the summer season has never really been a problem for me as (I know I’ve been telling the same every year) I appreciate the city slowing down and this « summer » atmosphere. So what a pleasure to discover that the BHV MARAIS is currently celebrating the Parisian way of life.

As food ambassador, I attended the new « So Frenchy » activity created by the BHV MARAIS. Here are my discoveries: Report of Inspector TKBB!


Made in France shopping

Each floor of the BHV MARAIS, displays nice small cute black and white corners a bit everywhere, highlighting a selection of original gift ideas and souvenirs from Paris with a touch of humor we like!

Enhanced by bouquets of dried flowers, these booths showcase delicacies, small design items and books: tableware from Gien, chocolates with baguette shapes, funny « hangover » or « grandma in the nettle » candles from the brand HUTTE, posters, « Le bijou parisien » teeshirts embroidered with your favorite metro station…

There is something for every taste here! I will show you at the end of this articles what I got tempted by!


La Maison Plisson pop-up corner

At the ground floor of the department store, we can find a pop-up space dedicated to the famous delicatessen shop La Maison Plisson called « Le Petit Plisson ». We can sit down for a coffee and croissants (only croissant for me, I don’t drink coffee!).

This improvised Parisian coffee changed to a delicatessen and souvenir shop since where we can find products from La Maison Plisson, collector bowls from Brittany as well as shopping bags and aprons designed by Jean Jullien.


The “Sous les fraises” products from the Parisian rooftops

f you followed my Instagram stories last year, you may have seen me on the BHV MARAIS rooftop to discover the vertical vegetable garden up there.


Indeed these urban farming were created by « Sous les fraises », which commits to vegetate the city and to promote urban farming: therefore, we can find at the 2nd floor of the BHV MARAIS, a « Sous les fraises » booth gathering all the products made of the plants harvested on the rooftops of Paris: herbal teas, honey candies (yes they also have beehives!), plant based drinks…


Brunch on “la Terrasse du Bazar”

I also had the chance to try the brunch served on the 6th floor of the BHV MARAIS: indeed a new spot just opened at this level “La terrasse du Bazar” !

I am quite used to go to Le Perchoir (7th floor) so it allows me to change my habits and to discover another nice place to be (and eat!).

Breakfasts and brunches will be served during the summer season (on reservation) so if you are looking for a new yummy and high place, you can add up this one on your list!


My selection

 Vintage postcard and Hutte “Douce France” candle


So here are all the things I brought back from my time spent at the BHV MARAIS: I fell for the « Douce France » candle from the French brand Hutte (I also hesitated with the one with the quote about grandma but sorry Grandma, I preferred the bucolic smell of « Douce France»!)

I liked the nod from these made in France fortune cookies: I will be able to surprise my guests in style in the future!

Fortune cookies, honey and truffle artichoke cream Maison Plisson

 Vintage postcards and chocolate (on the right)

I also chose this book with good Vegan addresses in Paris “Le guide du paris Vegan”: I am not vegan but I’ve tried to decrease the amount of meat I eat and I’ve been trying to find some yummy alternatives. This book listing all the best vegan restaurants/pastry shops in Paris will allow me to try out new tastes! I won’t hesitate to share here my beautiful discoveries!

Guide du Paris Vegan by Pauline Le Gall and Aurore Carric, Editions Alternatives


I also like when sweets are packaged in nice boxes we can then reuse: example with these marshmallows in a nice candy box !

Bicuits and herbal tea Sous les fraises, marshmallows Les gourmandises de Sophie


Anyways, very nice surprise with these « Parisian stories » made in the BHV MARAIS, coming up after the Portuguese atmosphere that was available a few months back. What a pleasure to be a tourist in our own town and to be able to get surprised by what we find: Paris is always a good idea? It seems like yes ! (English translation by Quiterie)


This is a promoted post and was made in collaboration with BHV Marais

My Japan Road-trip

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Here I am for another recap of my Japan trip ! My 5th so far, always with the same enthusiasm and even more surprises than usual, which I didn’t think possible, having already been to Japan in spring, autumn and winter.

Only summertime was missing, and even if this time of the year has more an “end of spring” vibe, I got to see a greener, lusher and warmer side of my darling Japan.

For those of you who followed my trip in my Instagram stories, thank you again for sharing my enthusiasm : we continue now on the blog with more detail. I’ll be posting my japanese stories on Instagram (Highlight stories) as we go along so you can have a full immersion experience, and maybe it will also encourage you to prepare your own trip!

Here are a couple tips following this 5th experience (you can also re-read my previous summaries here, here and there). Here we go!


Heading to Japan end of May-beginning of June

We prepared for this trip in a rush : we found airplane tickets with a promotion, which made us take the leap. All the preparation took place in the month prior to our departure … almost! When we were in the plane for Osaka, we were still missing a couple hotel nights, which is to say how unprepared we actually were!

I found this timeframe perfect for traveling : the weather was pleasant (26-30°C) and sunny for the whole 2 and a half weeks of our trip (=only 2 days of rain). Of course, the cherry blossom season was gone, but so were the tourists… especially in the area we headed to : Shikoku !

We were often alone on the hiking trails or in the villages : some might find it to lack in atmosphere, but we really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

We found some animation in cities like Kochi, Matsuyama or Takamatsu and more excitement in Osaka but for the majority of our trip we enjoyed an unhoped-for and very much appreciated tranquillity.


What should you plan for in a Japan Road-trip?


Once again, as for our winter trip, I let my SO manage most of the hotel bookings and determining the legs of the journey. He did great, prepared a well balanced road-trip and found us some lovely places to stay. He is the main instigator of the quality of this road trip, which wouldn’t have been the same without him, so let’s all thank him!

I was just here to give the main points of interest I had listed at the beginning, and he managed to connect it all and build a coherent trip, that wasn’t too tiring.

Pilgrimage in one of the 88 temples of Shikoku


The visits we made we decided upon the same day, by leafing through brochures of the tourist information offices or by asking the hotel employees or locals, with the exception of Universal Studios (that we had booked in advance : I’ll tell you all about it in a specific post) and the Chichu Art museum in Naoshima, that we also booked online.

We departed on May 22nd 2019 (early afternoon) and came back on June 8th 2019 (early morning). There’s just one thing we would do better if we were to start over : we should have booked a night near Oboke on day 2 to avoid that round trip we did on day 3 (I made the correction on the map to keep it simple). Here’s our route :


DAY 1 : Osaka (where we booked the car at the airport) – Naruto – Sato, Awaji
DAY 2 : Awaji – Kochi
DAY 3 : Kochi – Oboke – Kazurabashi – Kochi
DAY 4 : Kochi – Shimanto
DAY 5 : Shimanto
DAY 6 : Shimanto – Matsuyama
DAY 7 : Matsuyama
DAY 8 : Matsuyama – Ozu – Matsuyama
DAY 9 : Matsuyama – Nagafuchi
DAY 10 : Nagafuchi – Takamatsu
DAY 11 : Takamatsu – Naoshima – Takamatsu (by boat)
DAY 12 : Takamatsu – Teshima – Takamatsu (by boat)
DAY 13 : Takamatsu – Sumoto, Awaji
DAY 14 : Sumoto – Osaka (end of the car rental)
DAY 15 : Osaka : Walk around the city
DAY 16 : Osaka : Universal Studios Japan
DAY 17 : Osaka : Last day, shopping before we boarded that same evening, right before the beginning of day 18



It was a first for this trip : we booked a car! For the japanese train-enthusiast that I am, I was almost disappointed that we had to rent a car this time … but let’s be honest, without a car, we wouldn’t have been able to do even a fourth of the trip (or we would have had to double or triple our timeframe – there weren’t a lot of public transportation options available!). It was a huge time saver, and a freedom multiplier. A car is definitively necessary to visit Japan’s more faroff places (…like Shikoku!).

A huge thank you to my SO for being such a champ’ and driving on the left side of the road, with traffic signs in japanese (although they were often translated), for driving down unknown or windy roads and following the sometimes dubious directions of our GPS (it wasn’t the most comprehensible device … we often chose to follow the Plans app on my Iphone).

We rented a car online with Nissan-rent-a-car via the website. (I didn’t draw the right car on the map, but I love these japanese cubic cars!)

It’s on this website that we found the cheapest option (690euros for 2 weeks, including insurance and a pocket wifi).

After our Paris-Helsinki-Osaka flight, we directly picked up the car at the Kansai Osaka airport and drove to the island of Awaji. We needed a few minutes to adjust (understanding how the car options, the GPS and the automatic gear set worked…) but japanese are pretty safe drivers so we weren’t too stressed out on the road.



To rent a car and drive on japanese roads, having your driver’s license translated is mandatory. You can have it done online, but we chose to have it done in a japanese agency in Paris : Japan Travel Center by Voyages à la Carte (rue Ste Anne) : the deadline is pretty short (a couple of days) and it costs 70 euros. .



You should definitively know that tolls are just about everywhere on japanese roads (which are incredibly well maintained – this explains that). When we picked the car up at the airport, we were offered an ETC card (the equivalent of Telepeage, our electronic toll service in France) and I think it’s really a huge help to ease the travel (no need to prepare your change, dedicated lines for ETC card holders, and the toll gate opens automatically as soon as it detects the card in your car).

You pay your toll “check” at the end, when you bring the car back. We were afraid it would be steep, as we felt like we were driving through a toll every 15 minutes, but it was only 250 euros for our 2 weeks (if you take into account all the driving we did, it’s pretty “reasonable”).

It’s very probable you can include the ETC in your “car rental package” online : in any case, make sure you take it!



I will also warn you that parking is definitively a budget you need to plan for when you head to Japan (especially true in cities and touristy places; in the countryside you can park however you like, and it’s free).

The hotels we had booked included parking, but in 2 hotels, we were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that they hadn’t booked us a spot … so if you arrive late and there are no spots left, you can explain that you had booked it in advance, well, they’re sorry for you, but that’s how it is, there are just no more parking spaces available (=haha! this all fell on deaf ears!…). So you can either arrive before 5pm or park in a public and paid parking.

The most difficult bit of a road trip is probably understanding the parking ticket machines… however, don’t hesitate and ask for help around you, even if you don’t speak japanese, people will always be available to help you!



This year we flew with Finnair and I don’t have anything notable to report : puncuality and efficient service (the food trays were maybe a bit frugal).

No Star Wars surprise like the winter of 2018 with Ana and a connecting flight in Helsinki, but all in all it all went according to plan.

Reading all the magasines in the plane really made me want to visit all the nordic countries as well…may be someday!



I’ll send you back to what I said in winter 2018 with regards to the works and the logistics of getting your pocket wifi. For a road-trip it’s all the more necessary, so don’t skimp! Including it in our car rental was also a slight penny-saver : what more could we ask for?

Our last days in Osaka were spent without a pocket wifi, but with a limited 3 Go phone subscription I had ordered via Orange : quite enough fro 4 days (and it’s also a good way to make sure you’re not glued to your phone!).



I’ll detail our accomodations as we go along, but what’s for sure is that my SO was eclectic in his selection. We tried simple hotels and more sophisticated options : a hotel designed by Tadao Ando, the famous architect, a small villa by the river, a private home in the mountains, a spa resort… it was a surprise every day and it was perfect!

For his finds, my very own travel agent / SO opted for or Japanican (by reading all the comments in detail). For our last nights in Osaka, we stayed in the Marriott hotel (I still have the loyalty card, which incites us to stay with the brand, but we are delighted with the service, so loyalty it is, but we’re enjoying the loyalty) All in all, no disappointments to report : it was perfect!



I was SO proud, for FINALLY, for the very first time in my life, I managed to pack our bags perfectly! For 2 people we took one big suitcase (23kg) and a small cabin luggage, contrary to last time where we had packed way too much!

Our great tip was to bring a “Rains x” soft bag that we flattened at the bottom of our big suitcase on our way to Japan and then used to bring our souvenirs on the way back.

So, of course, the fact that it was summer helps, but still, I managed to create a travel warderobe that was both practical, minimalist and functional, all while maintaining a perfectly organized suitcase all through the road trip, thanks to the Muji travel pouches I found (I especially recommend sizes S for underwear and M for pants/dresses/dungarees/jumpsuits). Size L wasn’t very interesting, as it was the size of our suitcase (I didn’t really get the point …).

Thanks to those pouches, you can immediatly see all the clothes you bring (by folding them Marie Kondo style) and they don’t mix and get disorganized during travel : a true revelation I tell you!

We also managed to do some laundry in a couple of the hotels we stayed at, so it confirms you odn’t need to bring a ton of stuff.


My Must-haves

1 or 2 pairs of sandals (Birkenstock since, as of last year, I’m sold to their comfort, but you can always take more refined flat open shoes!)

Walking boots (my Danner boots were optimal for both look and comfort)

1 pair of sneakers

-1 straw hat and a bucket hat (this last one wasn’t the favorite option, but it was very practical during the trip, and if you wear it with a minimalist outfit, the touristy vibes are kept to a minimum)

– 1 raincoat (for those rainy days, instead of an umbrella)

(Ahhh ! Gosh! I finally bought “Daddy shoes” because I wanted to have some more “thick soles” shoes to walk with)


-a Denim jacket and a trench (One of them would have been OK but I was willing to vary my style a little bit)

-a bandana scarf (to avoid a cold in the plane and air con places)

-4 to 5 tshirts, 2 light blouses

-1 pair of jeans, 1 dungaree or jumpsuit, 1 lightweight pair of pants

-1 backpack (mine was very light and super practical to carry my waterbottle around)

My backpack “Sanpak” made in Japan (but found in London !)


1 to 2 totebags and a minimalist clutch (for your more refined evenings out)

Pairs of earrings (more or less refined – they were my sole “chic” touch with lipstick to round out a more basic outfit in case we headed out for the evening.

Essential toileteries (I also used space wisely in this case, thanks to my bottles (100ml or less) and small containers that I also bought from Muji and where I transferred all my beauty products for 2 weeks and a half. I still had quite some products left when I came back (shampoo, make up remover oil, soap, body lotion …) so it really wasn’t necessary to leave with larger (and heavier) bottles / containers!

-A medicine “cabinet” (without the boxes), with all the classics (headache, digestion issues, antiseptic, cold remedies, antihistamine, antiseptic solution in tiny individual doses, mosquito spray (for mountains and near rivers) a bit of sunscreen  (I am still traumatised from my last trip to Japan, where I had really had trouble finding remedies I needed to get better, because of the language barrier, so this time, I came prepared!)

-a reflex camera and Iphone

-One or two adapters for Japanese style electricity sockets (same as the one for the USA)


I think this post pretty much sums up all the tips I can share. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in your comments, if you need more information, I’ll be glad to help!

Next up, a post on Osaka (I’ll be starting with the end of the trip to accomodate some of my readers, who are preparing a trip to Japan in August), and then we can continue this road trip in the right order! Hop, everybody in the car! (English translation by Marine)


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Five senses #13

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Here’s the episode 13 of our regular “Five senses” section. I still enjoy a lot sharing my finds and what could have excited my 5 senses lately : Hope you’ll enjoy reading it too !



Book “Deliciously Ella : The plant-based cookbook”
Wooden tray Monoprix


I have already talked about it on Instagram but I had to mark it down here too: even though the Internet is full of various recipes, I still love old fashion “cookbooks” which allow me to keep my “safe bet” nearby.

For instance, I love the book written by Ella Mills, Deliciously Ella “The plant-based cookbook”: a compilation of easy to prepare vegan recipes with easy to find ingredients (no need to go on a quest to find sesame flour from Peru or roasted nuts from Patagonia, as this kind of books usually require!).

I am not vegan but I like finding non-animal alternatives to classical recipes and this book have helps me a lot: I have already tried salty and sweet meals: ultra soft banana muffins and yummy almond and blueberry cookies but also pancakes with mushrooms to savor with a salad.



 Peach Sencha tea with mint  Jugetsudo


I’ve always preferred green tea rather than black tea and this last discovery could only delight my senses: a Sencha tea flavored with peach (& mint), found in the Mark’Style shop located in Le Marais( 6 rue du Trésor).

Flavored and light, this Japanese Tea is perfect to be enjoyed hot or cold… Only one slight sour note, the price (21€ for 40g!): So I am very slowly enjoying it!



Yoga mat Bonjour Mantra
Pants Puma
Bra Adidas


I finally found my yoga mat! I keep practicing regularly at home with Adriene YouTube videos and I was previously telling you I was looking for a sober and efficient model. Thank you for all your advices but I finally found it after listening my cousin’s advices!

I chose this model with stripes and as for now I am very satisfied: as explained on the website, I need to wet my hands with a little bit of water before starting to improve the adhesion and ready to start the sun salutations!

I am still far from doing acrobatics and other head down positions so my feedbacks about this mat is only from my novice point of view but I am quite delighted to own a pretty and efficient yoga mat. (I actually need to attend someday a real yoga class with a teacher to correct my poses).



This spring I’ve been going to a lot of concerts: Take That, Backstreet Boys, Take That again (in Paris) and The Spice Girls. In July, I will go back 2 days to the Lollapalooza festival since I loved the ambiance last year.

The line up is not as good as last year for me but it allows me to discover new songs. So I have been starting to listen these new bands who will perform on these 2 days.

This is how I discovered the Irish band Kodaline (it sounds like a drug!): melodious pop rock as I like (my favorite songs are “Brother” or “Follow your fire”)… so I am looking forward to seeing them performing !



During my trip to London, I got the chance to get invited to stay at the Renaissance St Pancras hotel. I’ve already known it, as I’ve already stayed there during the shooting with My-Wardrobe and also after our British road trip last summer (but we were in the Barlow wing, more modern).

Staying in a room in the “Chambers” wing allowed me to discover more in the details the architecture of this historical building located in the St Pancras train station.

Room with a view at the station !


I took this opportunity to shoot a “spicy” video that you’ve probably seen on my stories: I couldn’t have missed the chance to dance in the mythic stairs where was filmed the movie clip of Wannabe from the Spice Girls !

What a beautiful hotel… (and a sweet memory of the afternoon tea quietly served in the Chambers club): better judge by yourself ! (English translation by Quiterie)

The mythical “Wannabe Spice Girls”stairs and afternoon tea at Chambers Club


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