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I’ll admit … I didn’t come to London to apply for a job at the Kingsman secret service agency, but I was invited by Regent Street to discover the reknown shopping area (well, who’s to say I’m not an undercover spy?).

The program was pretty intense, with yummy and spectacular discoveries. Here’s a little mix of what I saw in the street (and around).


Tea-time fanatics

SKETCH (9 Conduit Street)

The weekend saw a daily teatime happen, and on friday it took place in Sketch, a pink candy tea room, one of the most instagrammed in London, where I had never been so far.

I had seen so many pictures of their bathroom on the net that I couldn’t help myself but add to the collection – it’s as unusual as it is clean :

You could almost have tea in it, with the little maid who is always around to clean up … (isn’t that right Alix, *wink wink*)

What about the tea in itself? It’s a very cosy spot and humongous pastries/sandwich platter (for 2 people!) that you can refill as many times as you want (!).

A bit too much mayonnaise for me, but with the pastries, I especially enjoyed the little lemon tarts, and the pistachio cream puffs.

Then come the steamy scones in a towel. Perfect for a refreshing and delicious pause during the day.


THOMAS’S AT BURBERRY (Burberry, 5 Vigo Street)

Another alternative a little bit further down the neighborhood. I didn’t even know Burberry had it’s own tea room!

It’s a very calm and enjoyable spot: you sip on your tea in Burberry’s very “tartan” universe. Here also, a great – if a tad less refined – pastry and sandwich tray.

I’d recommend to go for the scones or the crumpets (the latter were perfectly toasted : with a hint of cream and jam they were just perfect … careful not to stain your trench! (=yes, I’m totally showing off my trench)


Cocktail masterclass at Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen (3-9 Heddon Street) was also a great discovery.It belongs to the famous Gordon Ramsay.

I attended a cocktail class. For my part, I asked for a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe (knowing that I can tolerate just about one glass of cider … and maybe not even that).

Challenge accepted for the barman who made me a virgin mojito with a twist: caramel, banana, apple juice, mint and soda: refreshing and good!


Restaurants of the world

FRESCOBALDI (15 New Burlington Place)

Lobster and chili Linguini

A very good italian restaurant, where I enjoyed a sea bass carpaccio and spiced lobster linguini.

They offer a very warm welcome. London and Toscany are actually not that far apart!

Beef Carpaccio, rocket, parmesan

Tuna tartar with red onions, olive Taggiasche and chili


AQUA KYOTO (5th Floor, 240 Regent St)

Not a great fan of concept-restaurants in general (I prefer authenticity in… authentic restaurants) I did however enjoy the creativity and quality of the meals here.

matcha Maki, cucumber, spicy tuna & green tea caviar

The idea (in the “tea-infused” menu) is to make a whole course with dishes based on different kinds of tea. Here are, in no particular order, some of the dishes that were served at my table.

Octopus salad and its yuzu foam, Asparagus tempuras with Sencha tea &  Wagyu beef Teriyaki sauce and Daikon

Bergamot tea Panna cotta,  Green tea crumble and violet ice cream


Heavenly sleep at Langham

I was lucky to be staying in the exceptional place that is Langham Hotel.

Ideally located on top of Regent Street, with a very caring welcome, a complete and delicious savory and sweet breakfast (the honey in it’s honeycombs! the scrambled eggs! the pastries!). I’m fully aware of how lucky I am.

I even found the time to go swim in the Spa Chuan‘s pool, in order to compensate for the (too) many teatimes (40mn in the pool is what, 1 scone? half of it you say? 1 fourth??)


Lumière London

“1.8 London” by Janet Echelman

We got to enjoy the London Lumière festival that weekend, more specifically located on Regent Street (but also on Trafalgar Square or King’s Cross).

Many artists (Janet Echelman, Groupe LAPS, Novak…) were implicated in the creations that illuminated the city.

“Keyframes” by Groupe LAPS

Regent Street was closed to traffic after nightfall, which allowed an enthusiastic crowd to move about more freely. Truly magical.

“Luminéoles” by Porté par le Vent


Thank you Regent Street !

Thanks for Regent Street, Eurostar, Chelsea and Sophie for inviting me to partake in this dreamy London weekend, and for allowing me to practice my english (“My Kingsman tailor is rich !”). I was truly spoiled !!

My Outfit

Beanie H&M
Scarf Urban Outfitters
Coat Laura Clément (-30%) (already seen here)
Overalls Vila (-40%) (already seen here)
Shirt By Monshowroom
Boots Miista (-40%)
Bag Clark Moyen Sézane
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay

Lipstick « 16 Place Vendôme 364 » Color Riche L’Oréal
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal


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    Merci pour toutes ces bonnes adresses. Je retourne à Londres en mars, généralement je vais prendre le tea time au Haymarket Hotel, il est délicieux et j’adore le cadre, mais pourquoi pas changer cette fois…
    Tu as une idée du prix du tea time chez Bruberry et chez Sketch ?
    Et je ne connaissais pas le festival Lumière London, ça doit être sympa à voir… ça me fera une bonne excuse pour y retourner l’an prochain 🙂
    J’ai l’impression que certaines installations étaient présentes lors de la fête des lumières à Lyon en 2014.

    • Reply


      Il me semble que le teatime chez Sketch est de 45 pounds et 32 chez Thomas’café.
      Je recommanderais davantage le sketch pour le combo decor-pâtisseries : Thomas’s Café je le conseillerais juste pour un petit creux avec thé et crumpets (les pâtisseries ne valent pas le détour)

  2. Reply


    Ca m’a donné envie de retourner à Londres et tester une de ces adresses!

  3. Reply

    The slow pace

    What a fun and delicious stay! I’ve always wanted to go to Sketch to experience what the fuss is about (plus, the toilets!)
    Still reading in French, it takes me longer but hey, I’m trying! 😉

    • Reply


      and are you checking the english version then ? #IamYourFrenchTeacher 😉

  4. Reply


    Quel week-end de rêve!Je ne savais pas qu’il y avait cet événement , les lumières et décorations avaient l’air top! je retourne à Londres en mars et je cherche justement des endroit pour prendre le tea time ça me donne des idées comme çà! Le sketch London est très connu et la déco est girly à mort 🙂

    • Reply


      Oui mais il paraît qu’ils vont changer cette deco en Juin (en général ils changent la deco des salles mais celle-ci est en pourparler pour la changer ou non !)

  5. Reply

    Once upon a life

    Photos sublimes, tout comme ta tenue ! Bisous <3

  6. Reply


    Poulala comme je t envie !!!!! Ca avait l air top

  7. Reply


    Tes photos me font rêver et me donne très faim. Ton look est vraiment top j’adore ton manteau il est sublime.
    Bonne journée

  8. Reply


    Encore un joli voyage et de très belles photos!

  9. Reply


    Ces photos sont superbes et me donnent envie de repartir à Londres illico – cette ville dégage une énergie extraordinaire et un charme fou – on y bouscule nos habitudes. As-tu fait un tour Liberty ?

    C’est mon grand magasin préféré à Londres, malgré son charme suranné, ils savent mettre en avant de jeunes designers. J’ai hâte de lire la suite.

    • Reply


      Je suis passée devant Liberty mais n’ai pas eu le temps de rentrer à l’intérieur !
      la prochaine fois !
      Par contre découverte de Shoreditch et de Brick Lane (je n’ai pas fait de photos pour le blog par contre: 100% relâche ;-)) et j’ai adoré ce quartier !

  10. Reply


    Toutes ces photos donnent envie de se précipiter à Londres. Je ne connaissais pas le salon de thé très instagrammé. Il est très fille apparemment. Mais le tea time fait très envie, et si en plus il est bon.

    • Reply


      si tu es allergique au rose bonbon, il y a une autre salle qui est plus dans le style baroque-jungle. Mais en fait les décos de salles changent régulièrement sauf celle ci qui a eu plus de succès donc ils hésitent à la changer !

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