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On the blog, the “Five senses” articles can be counted on the fingers of one hand ! Despite this, here is a new one to tell you all about what stimulated my 5 senses lately.

The refurbishing work in our apartment is slowly coming to an end, and even if we still have to fine-tune the decoration (still no bed and dressing!), here is a quick overview for our bedroom that might change again! But I will talk about it more in details later on: for now, let’s talk about the 5 senses!



Candle “Tokyo” Diptyque
Nailpolish “546 Rouge Red” Chanel
Lamp Sarah Lavoine pour La Redoute


The work in the apartment puts away all the cocooning moments since early August, but I tried to anticipate the long and rainy autumn/winter Sundays! In September, I luckily purchased this Diptyque Tokyo candle on limited sales on their website.

Woody perfume of the cypress, cedar and pine trees, mixed with scent on incense stick coming from Japanese temple: a sweet memory of a walk along Yoyogi Park, I couldn’t dream about a better way to escape to this city I love.



Pajamas La Redoute Collections
Necklace Minetta Jewellery


Thinking about cocooning also means pajamas. These flannel pajamas are just ideal to chill the whole Sunday: its Scottish check pattern will be perfect for a surprise visit from Ewan Mc Gregor  when I will be watching the usual Christmas movies in December.



You know my unlimited love for Kingsman: I already told you a lot here about my passion and there during a pilgrimage photoshooting in London. I was lucky to be able to attend the premiere of the second episode: Kingsman: The Golden Circle last September 20th. Since then, I am so excited to watch it again and talk about it with my relatives when it will out this coming Wednesday!

I won’t say much today as I don’t want to spoil you (one advice: do not watch any trailer before watching it) but just so you know, my enthusiasm remained unchanged after watching this second one, in fact, the mix between “quirky British humour and hectic actions” seduced me even more than what I hoped.



 My “Fall into Fall 2017” playlist on Deezer
Tea infuser Rice
Mug Rabito


Autumn and its melancholic spirit have an influence on what I listen to. When I draw I always listen to music. I had the idea to share with you my autumnal playlist, with tunes reminding this season and other a bit more randoms, which I’ve listened lately.

I will add more songs in the coming weeks but if you want to know more about my music tastes lately, you can find my “Fall into fall 2017” playlist here.



Tea infuser Rice
Golden cutlery AM.PM
Mug Bloomingville


When I wrote this post about my brunch, I asked you if you were interested by the recipe of the almonds cake, which you answered yes! As I didn’t have much time, I couldn’t publish until now but here it is since it could be the kind of cake to perfectly enjoy with tea when wind will be blowing outside and you will be on your sofa, wrapped up in a blanket.

I used as a base a recipe found on “Le Journal des femmes” website but I changed a bit the quantities to match my tastes.

Ingrédients :

Flour: 150g (wheat or chestnut)
Butter: 90g
Almonds powder: 100g
Eggs: 2
Yogurt: 1 (even low fat is ok)
Sugar: 120g
Vanilla-sugar: 1 sachet
Baking powered: 1/2 sachet
1 tablespoon of rhum
Slivered almonds

Recipe :

• Mix slowly the yogurt, sugar, vanilla-sugar, eggs, flour and melted butter in a big bowl. Add the baking powder, almonds powder and rhum

• Pour the mix into a greased cake mould or covered with baking paper (idea if you don’t have brush or if you would like a lighter cake!) and sprinkles with slivered almonds.

• Bake for 45min at 180°C and check the cooking with a knife. Enjoy hot, it’s the best. If you want to eat it later, wrapped it with cellophane paper or foil so that I won’t get dry. Bon appétit ! (English translation by Quiterie)


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    Tes photos sont superbes ! J’adore tes couverts dorés au passage !

  2. Reply


    Ha ha tu m’as bien fait rire avec ton association pyjama écossais / Ewan 🙂
    Même si la déco de ta chambre n’est pas encore terminée, je suis conquise par ce que l’on peut déjà apercevoir.
    Sinon je suis trop jalouse! J’ai hâte de voir la suite de Kingsman.
    J’ai d’ailleurs regardé le 1 une nouvelle fois (je ne compte même plus) pas plus tard que la semaine dernière! En tout cas ton commentaire me rassure, j’avais peur d’être déçue… Les 2d volets sont rarement aussi bons que les 1er (et puis il n’y avait plus Colin…).
    Je te dirais ce que j’en ai pensé!
    Bonne semaine.

    • Reply


      hehe !
      je n’ai pas photographié autour car c’est un tout autre décor pour le moment hein 😉

      En ce qui concerne Kingsman , j’attends ton retour avec impatience pour échanger : les 2nds volets sont souvent décevants mais j’avoue, celui-ci est presque même meilleur… enfin j’arrête de trop en dire sinon tu vas t’attendre à quelque chose de trop bien et tu vas être déçue. 🙂

      • Reply


        j’ai bien envie d’aller le voir au ciné avec ma soeur mais il faut à tout prix voir le premier sinon on ne comprends rien (madame est busy pour rattraper son retard)?

        • Reply


          Je pense que tu peux comprendre mais il y aura des références au premier et des personnages que tu savoureras mieux si tu vois le premier ! Donc hop hop hop ! On regarde le premier et on fonce voir Le 2ème ! 😉

  3. Reply


    J’adore ta tête de lit grise ! Serait il possible de savoir comment elle est faite ? Est ce une petite avancée du mur ?
    Merci !

    • Reply


      C’est une avancée en plaque de bois peinte : très pratique pour changer de déco au dessus du lit très souvent !

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    Such an awesome blog post! Today is my 26th birthday, and I think I found myself a perfect gift – this flannel pjs is so cozy, it will be perfect for December indeed! Also: I’ve already wanted to watch the first Kingsman movie tonight, but now I’m even more excited!! 🙂

    • Reply


      I’m so glad you like it ! This pjs is perfect indeed (for its price and look ;-)) : and so, what did you think about Kingsman movie ?

      • Reply


        I loved Kingsman so-so much! It’s really aesthetically pleasing – they absolutely nailed it with their combination of retro elements and contemporary things; I think it’s one of those rare films that both women and men will enjoy equally! The scene with the fireworks was genius and the jokes felt really fresh. It also reminded me a lot about the 1960’s/1970’s James Bond movies, I loved their ironic take on those spy movies of the past. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the weekend to go to the cinema to see the second film!

        • Reply


          ahhh It’s one of my favorite movie actually and I even prefer it to James Bond because of the humour and the ironic take, as you said ! so glad you liked it ! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about the new one 😉

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    Mon Journal Doré

    Ce cake aux amandes a l’air délicieux!!

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