Pink and concrete grey

· Fashion

Once again, a new look with already seen pieces: I compose and compose again and again ! Knowing that we’ve been jumping from summer to winter and it’s been changing every day, this outfit highlights this bipolar moment.   So here are my usual “quality” and “durability” reflexions for the different pieces of my outfit: … Read more

Late Birk adopter

· Fashion

A short post about fashion, it’s been a while! …before telling you all about this amazing mini English road-trip I did the past 6 days (you might have followed it on Instagram). As I buy less (and also accept less gifts via the blog), I have less « fashion newbies » to talk about, sorry … Read more

Pink and beige

· Decoration, Fashion

This gloomy Parisian weather doesn’t make things easy to update a fashion blog. Therefore I need to adapt my photoshoot and take pictures inside. Today, here is an outfit I really wore outside (yes, I promise you, but with an umbrella) as I was fed up of the lack of brightness these past few months. … Read more

The black coat

· Fashion

An automnal look shot during a short sunny moment this weekend. A good opportunity to show you this black coat, a basic piece for a wardrobe. Believe it or not, I didn’t have one, not a very basic black coat. And as you know that I’ve been trying to invest in timeless and basic pieces … Read more

Five senses #6

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Here is a new “Five senses” article because the Christmas period, which is coming soon (one month to go!), is a good opportunity to use our five senses, isn’t it? Be reassured, unlike all the decorations already out in the streets of Paris, my interior (not completely done) still doesn’t have a Christmas tree. However, … Read more

Along the waterway

· Fashion, Travel

Let’s smoothly continue our discovery of The Aveyron …. Our plans for that day started with a long sailing trip on a small boat to be able to enjoy the impressive Millau Viaduc, then followed by the visit of the village of Peyre, amazingly built on a cliff that overhang the Tarn. The dungarees and … Read more

My 2015 Dungarees edition

· Fashion

The dungarees, this cloth sometimes under-rated because often deprived of glamour (probably Mario Bros’s fault), I have always loved it but the short-legs version. This year, I decided to invest in a pants version since the Parisian weather keeps playing the fool, there are more chances to wear long-legs pants than shorts. So here is … Read more

3 days in Antwerp : Day2 – Rubenshuis

· Fashion, Food, Travel

And we’re back with our 2nd day in Antwerp : the day’s program is packed with art. Museums generally open around 10am, which allows you to sleep in a bit and/or go for a late or extended breakfast.   The Rubens House “Rubenhuis” The visit of the famous baroque painter Pierre Paul Rubens took up … Read more

Cap Ferret

· Fashion, Food, Travel

Let’s get on with the visit of The Arcachon Bay with a stop by the Cap Ferret. It was the very first time for me: even though I have been hearing about it for ages!   Cap Ferret by boat We decided to access this little paradise with a boat from Arcachon. The boat-ride is … Read more