A surprise weekend in Edinburgh

· Illustration, Travel

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that for my birthday end of January, my SO “kidnapped” me and flew me all the way to an unknown destination! I had gotten a few hints before we left : “Plane ride + weather like the one in Paris + Currency is not … Read more

My Sparkling 25

· Illustration

Disneyland Paris turns 25 this year! I remember when it opened in 1992 like it was yesterday. It seemed almost impossible to the middleschooler from Auvergne I was back then that I would one day be able to go there; which didn’t keep me from devising all sorts of plans to try and make this … Read more

She’s got the look ! #18

· Fashion, Illustration, She's got the look !

It’s been a year since I wrote my last “She’s got the look”… not that I can’t find any look I like, far from this idea, but even though I draw quite a lot for my work, I found it hard to find some time to draw for my blog (shoemaker’s children are the worst … Read more

Happy 2017 !

· Beauty, Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

This year passed at a breakneck speed therefore it’s already time to extend my warm Greetings for 2017! I hope this new year will bring you happiness, love and serenity. I’m not the kind of persons who likes doing list of resolutions to start the year… simply because I don’t want to put pressure on … Read more

Coming out

· Illustration

For the past few months, Harry Potter has been back in the spotlight, with the theatre play, the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” movie and the theme parks. Therefore, it’s time for me to admit the inconceivable and improbable in 2016 (which might result to a simultaneous cast of spells on me): I … Read more

My USA East coast road trip

· Illustration, Travel

As promised here is my first post about my autumnal road trip in the USA: through Florida and the East Coast. My SO and I both wanted to be on the road without thinking toward the following days.. well almost ! (yes… OK… we booked in advance all the hotels). Anyhow, I will try to … Read more

Pokemon Go !

· Fashion, Illustration

The application with the most media attention is finally released in France ! You mustn’t have missed this “Pokemon Go” tsunami: Everyone has been talking about it.   Gotta catch ’em all !… For those completely disconnected (how come would you read my blog then?), Pokemon Go is a mobile application using augmented reality and … Read more

Frozen Summer Fun

· Illustration, Travel

The Spring seems to be back in Paris lately. This being said, last Saturday, I took off to the Frozen Kingdom of Arendelle in Disneyland Paris. The weather forecasted only rain: oilskins, rain coats and umbrellas, we were all set for the day! Luckily, we didn’t have a drop of rain… Just a storm of … Read more

Snapwhat ?!

· Illustration

Snap! Snap! People are all about Snapchat right now! For those of you that gave up on following all the new social media out there, Snapchat is an app that allows you to send instant and ephemeral messages/pics/videos to your friends. It also allows you to post this same content in a “story” that is … Read more

Easy Peasy Recipe #5

· Food, Illustration

  The Matcha smoothie bowl Ah ! It’s been a while since I lastly shared an easy peasy recipe on this blog! So here I am this time with a “Matcha smoothie bowl” recipe that follows the trend of Acai bowls and other superbowls high in vitamins we can see on Instagram or Pinterest. I … Read more

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