Five senses #19

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It’s been over a month since I’ve been away from my blog but I’m back today with a new “Five senses” post to give some news and share my latest favorites. Here we go!



I recently collaborated with the committed brand The Simones to create a teeshirt to celebrate all the women we are. The brand is donating €1 per shirt sold and I decided to donate the entire amount I will receive for this collaboration (which will vary depending on the number of shirts sold) to the association called PLAN.

This association works to change the rights of girls and equality between girls and boys by developing programs promoting the education of the most vulnerable children.


T-shirt “Just as you are” The Simones x Tokyobanhbao


The sentence “just as you are” is the one Mark Darcy says to Bridget Jones (a little romcom wink hehe) but should also be said by us to ourselves. We are all different, with our qualities and our imperfections. Loving ourselves “just as we are” is the first step to taking power over our lives. That’s why we need to celebrate our uniqueness and that’s what I wanted to convey with this T-shirt.

Thanks for your first feedback on Instagram about this project which is very important to me.



 Quilda desk La Redoute
Eames Vitra chair


This is the place where I spend most of my time: as I already said on Instagram, I wanted this workspace to be purposely uncluttered because I’m someone who can easily lose focus, so there’s no way I’d have a ton of distracting objects in sight! And anyway, I now prefer to live in a minimalist environment, which I find more relaxing.

Shelves Serax
Desk lamp Bloomingville


Here are a few pictures of my office area that might help you find inspiration for decorating yours.

Ipad sleeve Wouf




I recently received a few new beauty products from ALAENA (made in Biarritz, organic ingredients and “Nature &Progrès“ label) as well as a candle, all of which are particularly delighting to the sense of smell.

  •  ALAENA combination skin moisturizer that will help me regulate sebum secretion, exacerbated by wearing the mask (I’ll give my verdict here or on Instagram once I’ve finished the jar!).
  •  ALAENA mango avocado soap (cold saponified) to wash my face (which is temporarily replacing my fetish soap from Les Inspyrées that I usually use).

  • MALIN & GOETZ candle with a spring “Mojito” scent (mint and lime) that changes a bit from the woody winter scents I usually diffuse at home: A little freshness doesn’t hurt to welcome spring!


Mojito candle Malin & Goetz



My morning walks allow me to discover new sounds: Here are some new sounds that have charmed my ear lately:

-The Moonlight edition of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia with new tracks like “We’re good” or “That kind of woman” that I love: No disappointment, only delicious bonuses added to this album already so loved in 2020.


Møme & Ricky Ducati : “They said” (a very catchy eighties track: The album “Flashback FM” is rather pleasant to listen to make the Daft Punk spirit last.


For my other favorite songs, I let you browse my instastories playlist on Deezer: I always add the songs I use to illustrate my instagram stories. There are already those from 2018, 2019 and 2020. So my 2021 playlist is a work in progress!



My 2 favorite cookbooks of the moment are those of Yotam Ottolenghi, which I highly recommend for lovers of gourmet dishes, rich in color and simple to prepare.


 SIMPLE and FLAVOUR by Yotam Ottolenghi (Editions Hachette)


I have already tried several recipes from his best seller SIMPLE and I am discovering those of FLAVOUR, more oriented towards vegetable-based dishes.(English translation by Quiterie)


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    Hello Tokyo 😉

    J’aime beaucoup ton bureau et je suis comme toi, facilement attirée par autre chose s’il n’est pas épuré. Je me laisserais bien tentée par l’iMac mais j’hésite sur la taille de l’engin. Le tien est-il un 21 ou 27 pouces ?
    Les magasins fermés le week-end m’empêchent de me rendre compte! Vive le confinement du week-end grrr
    Merci beaucoup

    • Reply


      Merci ! C’est un 27 pouces mais il date de près de 10 ans (et commence à ramer un peu= faudrait que je rajoute des mémoires)
      Et le clavier que tu vois n’est pas le clavier initial (j’ai renversé de l’eau sur ce dernier qui n’a donc pas survécu) J’espère que ça t’aidera en tous cas !

  2. Reply


    Oui beaucoup ! Merci. C’est donc la taille qu’il me faut. J’avais peur que le 27 soit vraiment trop grand.

    • Reply


      Je trouve la taille très confortable pour travailler et dessiner dessus en tous cas ! Ravie d’avoir pu t’aider !

  3. Reply

    Douces effrontées

    J’aime tellement cet article, merci !

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    J’adore tes articles, ça faisait longtemps !!!!! merci pour tout ces partages !
    J’attends avec impatience ton retour sur le dernier film TO ALL THE BOYS, qui se passe en 2020 avec aucun signe de covid ahahaha
    J’aime beaucoup beaucoup ton bureau c’est hyper joli et inspirant. Je ne sais pas si tu as mal au dos avec ta chaise ? si oui, tu pourrais jeter un oeil à la chaise aeron. Elle ess ultra confortable (on la voit dans pleins de films de geek mdr) et ça a changé ma vie car je travaille chez moi depuis des années, je l’ai depuis 10 ans et c’est niquel. Elle est moins joli que la eames, mais c’est juste une suggestion si par hasard tu désirais avoir quelque chose qui soulageait vraiment le dos.
    bises !!!!

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      ah désolée de ne pas t’avoir repondu plus tôt ! Non je n’ai pas mal au dos avec ma chaise grâce à un petit coussin et la moumoute dessus. Je sais que ce n’est pas la chaise la plus ergonomique du monde pour travailler mais je l’ai depuis des années et elle me convient ! Merci à toi !

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    Merci pour cet article, très intéressant, les livres de recettes ont l’air vraiment intéressant, peut-on se les procurer facilement chez notre libraire préféré ? Merci pour toutes ces photos

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