Deauville delights

· Food

During our weekend in Deauville, we finally came out of our hotel, and took a chance to discover a few good addresses which I wanted to share right away!   La Villa Gabrielle (95 rue Eugène Colas, Deauville) This place located right in front of our hotel, is a tribute to Coco Chanel, who for … Read more


· Fashion

You probably saw it in my post on Le Normandy hotel, but it deserves a post of its own. Indeed, these pair of high waist khaki-bronze pants were a great discovery : a slightly peg leg fit, a belted high waist that elongates the leg, an extremely comfortable lyocell fabric. It complies with all the … Read more

Le Normandy hotel

· Fashion, Food, Travel

Last weekend, my SO and I were invited to spend a couple days at the mythical Le Normandy Barrière hotel in Deauville. You must be thinking that I’ve recently been living the good life, going from horse race garden party to castle life, to five star hotels… I must admit it’s been pretty amazing – … Read more

Fancy Deauville

· Fashion

Before going back in details to my stay at the hotel Le Normandy (you must have seen a quick glance on Instagram), here is a look photoshooted on our room balcony. … An outfit to go dinner at “La Belle Époque”, the hotel restaurant. Therefore I didn’t use a bag because it was not very … Read more

The promenade des Planches

· Fashion, Travel

I just came back from a weekend in Deauville where the weather even though not stable, was pretty nice with us. Between two drops of rain, we took the chance to take some pictures on the famous promenade des Planches. A colorful striped dress and butterfly sunglasses: I tried to act as a diva surrounded … Read more

The Rivau castle

· Fashion, Food, Travel

For the past 2 years, my friend Candice and I have a fun cultural ritual dubbed #CandiceTKBBMarathonDesMusées. A couple times a year, we book ourselves a full day to see all the new exhibitions in Paris. We combine pleasures: spending a day together, feeding our spirit with beautiful art and also trying out new yummy … Read more

Sailor Moon Makeup

· Beauty, Fashion

I’ve always had a passion for the “Magical girls”, these girls from cartoon/anime who have the power to transform themselves in a magic wand (… and the power to give me the desire to draw since my childhood). Among them, Sailor Moon is my favourite (with Creamy Mami) and since my teenage years, even though … Read more

Summer dress

· Fashion

A white dress might not be the smartest investment for the 2016 Parisian summer but once again I couldn’t resist to this embroidery and these ruffle sleeves. Therefore, I pretended to have a scorching summer to wear this holiday outfit. This oversized straw basket is just perfect to bring everything along with me but if … Read more

Retro Paris

· Fashion

Halleluia ! We finally had a couple days that qualified as summer weather (with a few humid spells, but let’s not be too difficult ! ). It was the perfect occasion for me to wear this flowery retro dress. I love its assymetrical cut – longer in the front than in the back, and its … Read more

Urban tango

· Fashion

Uncertain weather, uncertain outfit, we’ve been following the same pattern for a while now! Today, I decided to unveil my toes, because wearing boots and sneakers in June, it’s enough! New sandals that reminds me of the shoes used by ballroom dancing aficionados: stable heels with a decent height. I won’t dance tango but jumping … Read more

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