Just for one day

· Fashion

Saturday was THE day to wear a light dress. I seized this occasion to wear this feminine, light AND most important, comfortable dress for the very first time. A very Chloé alike inspiration with my sunglasses and this bag with flower patterns, my last love a the first sight item. For a person who usually … Read more

Snapwhat ?!

· Illustration

Snap! Snap! People are all about Snapchat right now! For those of you that gave up on following all the new social media out there, Snapchat is an app that allows you to send instant and ephemeral messages/pics/videos to your friends. It also allows you to post this same content in a “story” that is … Read more

Superstar 80s Clean

· Fashion

I told you: “Tomorrow, I quit!” For my defence, I was talking about the Stan Smith: so it was not including the Superstars, hehe. Time goes by and I still like the looks with white sneakers (even though I saw them everywhere in the street). I won’t talk about it too long, you know why … Read more


· Fashion

The shirt with frills is back! I liked so much the one I was wearing here that I decided to order a new pink one, flimsier. We never know if the good season decides to start one day. Also, infinite passion for these Isabel Marant lace-up flats I’ve eyed them for a year (I even … Read more

Cascade de la Beaume

· Fashion, Travel

A bit of freshness to end up this week and start the weekend (which will be mostly studious for me). Let’s go back to Auvergne, where, I already told you, we took some time to go pretty much everywhere. This “Cascade de la Beaume” (Beaume waterfall), I must certainly have gone there while I was … Read more

My essentials for 3 days

· Beauty

Weekend in Auvergne means toilet case for 3 days. I thought it might be interesting to show you the beauty products I will bring during these few days. The occasion to describe my latest favourite products and make-up routine (which is not very complicated). Your advices are also welcome if you also have fetish products. … Read more


· Fashion, Travel

As you may have seen on Instagram, I was back in Auvergne during this long weekend. We had amazing weather, which allowed us to wander all around in volcano land. Here are some pictures of a “countryside – outfit” near the Arlempdes castle. A real breath of fresh air, perfect to boost your spirits for … Read more

Sunny Paris

· Fashion

Apparently, we’ve been garanteed a sunny week! Let’s make the most of it, especially as the temperatures are ideal for the dress/lightweight blouse + light jacket. For my part, I’m keeping a bandana around my neck for those chilly mornings, but I gladly got my summer tennis shoes out.   Safe bet I ordered the … Read more

Chestnut & Cream

· Fashion

As promised, I’m back with my “comfort review” of the pretty Valentina babies. I didn’t have them on for a whole day but for 5 hours total – and the result was pretty conclusive: nothing to report. I’ll try wearing them again for a longer period of time, but it seems promising. Outfit-wise, I’m back … Read more

Easy Peasy Recipe #5

· Food, Illustration

  The Matcha smoothie bowl Ah ! It’s been a while since I lastly shared an easy peasy recipe on this blog! So here I am this time with a “Matcha smoothie bowl” recipe that follows the trend of Acai bowls and other superbowls high in vitamins we can see on Instagram or Pinterest. I … Read more

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