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Alexa Chung did it again! You may have seen a number of looks on the Internet with this “Harry” blouse, redesigned by our dear Alexa as part of her collaboration with Marks&Spencer called #ArchiveByAlexa : it’s my turn to show you my version!   I got the (Harry) blouse I spotted quite a few nice … Read more


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I claimed victory a bit too soon regarding Spring… Here we are, back to October. Nevertheless, I wanted to present my new pair of shoes this weekend.   First impressions These beautiful Valentina from Sézane made me think right away about the famous Tango from Valentino: not too high, with the pompoms as a plus, … Read more

Five senses #3

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Episode 3 of my “Five Senses” serie : here’s what stimulated my 5 senses recently:   Sight A few weeks ago, my friend Lionel and I went to see the BARBIE exhibit at the Decorative arts museum … on a wednesday afternoon (when kids in France don’t have class) : fatal mistake (that’ll teach us … Read more


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Frills and tassels are the perfect words to describe my style, aren’t they? Haha, for someone rather keen of “tomboy” looks without too much flourish, it’s indeed pretty rare to find frilly clothes in my wardrobe… and yet ! When I saw this shirt, I knew I would love wearing it.   Dungaree & frills … Read more

La Redoute Madame

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Since end of March, La Redoute has revealed its new fashion brand “La Redoute Madame”. Whether the print campaign or the TV campaign, you probably didn’t miss it. We were able to discover different “Madame” personalities with “Madame French”, “Madame Summer”, “Madame à la Mode”, “Madame Active”… amongst 16 in total. That is when I … Read more


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Even if with the Marie Kondo method I’m able to get rid of a number of things, there are some objects or clothes for which I’m still in doubt as to if I should be saying good-bye to them or not.   Billy, the return If you’ve been following this blog since 2009 (can’t believe … Read more

Matching friends

· Fashion, Illustration

In the continuity of my previous post about the combo pink/grey/white, I found this trend during my Pinterest peregrinations.   Similar look In South Korea (and maybe somewhere else?), the “Similar look” (extension of the “Twin look” with many people) is something that groups of friends love doing (so far I only found pictures with … Read more

Finally it’s Spring !

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Yesterday, we finally had a beautiful spring day, I hope you enjoyed it! It was the occasion to wear my favourite Spring chromatic: pink-grey-white. I still find it modern and refreshing without being too girlish. It was also the first time to wear these new sunglasses which are not particularly fitting the shape of my … Read more

How to tie a bandana

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This post answers directly JulyToSeptember’s comment in my last article who was worried to not be very manual and asked me how to tie her bandana around her neck. « SOS bandana assistance » Hello ! Therefore I decided to show my 2 favorite ways to tie it. You will most probably find on the … Read more


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Here is another look with a bandana: I haven’t got bored of it yet, but maybe you have! This being said as the first purpose of this blog was to show outfits that we wear in the real life, the bandana supremacy in my daily outfits must be pointed out (so practical, not cumbersome and … Read more

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