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I had promised you a recap of my lash-extension experience at Les Cils de Marie in November, here it is!

The result is very positive, even if the first application was a bit uncomfortable (it tingled a bit, but for the last 2 “fillings” I didn’t feel anything, weird … the stress of the first time maybe?)

Wink pillow Urban Outfitters
Mug Bloomingville
Eyelashes pin’s GuyGuyGuyShop (already seen here)


Since then, I’ve clearly gotten used to my long curled lashes, I don’t even use make up on my eyes anymore (no eyeliner, no mascara).

Which means I can’t really tell you how they put up with make-up removal (I just brush them in the morning and in the evening).

Paris poster Ork Posters
Reindeer wooden head AM PM (-25%)


But I don’t hesitate to get them wet under the shower, and they’re holding up just fine. My real lashes also seem to be growing at their regular rate.

I’ll let you know more when I decide to stop the experiment, but I do have to say, it quickly becomes addictive: it really changes your gaze (at least for me, as I started off with really short lashes!)

These new lashes have such an impact that I just noticed they’ve influenced my decoration! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Earrings Printemps (already seen here)
Blouse Edgar Simone & Louise
Crop flare jeans Iro
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Cluse (already seen here)

Lashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie  (already seen here)
Lipstick Le rouge crayon de couleur « N°8 Cassis » Chanel
Nailpolish Color Show « 352 Downtown red » Maybelline NY


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    J’adore les pins Cils !

  2. Reply


    La blouse est CA-NON !

  3. Reply


    merci les filles!

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    Est ce que tu as toujours tes extensions ? J hésite à sauter le pas et je ne trouve pas de témoignages à long terme 🙂 se passer de maquillage l été est assez tentant je dois dire …

    Merci !

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      Oui je les ai toujours (j’ai dû faire 4 ou 5 remplissages depuis Novembre) et je suis toujours autant conquise ! Je redoute le jour où il va falloir faire une pause !

      Si tu veux sauter le pas, l’institut m’a donné un code promo si tu réserves par téléphone avant le 30 mars (pour la pose d’extensions de cils classiques) : j’ai tout expliqué sur cet instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/BR8wpfShaB4/

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    Super merci beaucoup! J habite Luxembourg donc Paris ça ne m arrange pas mais je vais trouver quelque chose de bien ici 😉

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