Treasures of Instagram

· Decoration

Instagram has been taking a huge place into my life (and probably in yours as well!). A while ago, created to share spontaneous life moments (the actual trend is more to let go), it reflects a fantasised and spiced up reality. The most important is to be aware of it and try to not trust … Read more

Blazer & jumper

· Fashion

I was not thinking I would be wearing a jumper that early in September (I still try to avoid winter coats): here is why today we have this kind of look with checkered blazer and warm knit, a must-have to get along this Parisian chilly weather. As I was telling you earlier, I am really … Read more

September outfit

· Fashion, Illustration

Indian summer, considering the automnal temperatures I think we can definitely forget about it. I was not really inspired by fall outfits ? I didn’t have much choices, I had to start looking into it. I had the idea of this small collage/drawing of a silhouette I would like to have for these chilly days. … Read more

Remix your style

· Fashion

Last Thursday, on my social channels I showed you the behind the scene of a photoshoot for Swarovski. Today, here is the result! Indeed I had the honour to be chosen as ambassador for the new Remix jewellery collection along with 3 other bloggers/youtubers with different styles: Anne, Emmy and Sarah.   Remix my style … Read more

My 10 Go-To spots in Tokyo

· Food, Illustration, Travel

Last April As You Like magazine asked me to share my 10 go-to spots in Tokyo and create an illustrated map for the Spring issue dedicated to Asia. I love drawing maps, food and small details: it’s a time consuming job but it’s really something I like doing when I have time.   10 spots … Read more

End of summer

· Fashion

It might sound a bit early to write this title because summer will technically finish at the end of this month, but all the signs already foresee summer as a memory. I was really into winter outfits (as I loved wearing different layers not so long ago!) but I now really enjoy wearing summer clothes: … Read more

Temples in Bali

· Travel

Our balinese trip is coming to an end – my summer saga hehe – with the visit of the temples – of which you will find a great number all over the island of Bali. Some will say that “when you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”. However, each “Pura” has its own specificity : … Read more

Dépôt Légal by Christophe Adam

· Fashion, Food

As I was telling you earlier, I don’t mind spending my summer in Paris because I can discover the capital with a more relaxing point of view. I found this address on a Saturday night, early August. My SO and me were walking once again in my favorite neighbourhood, Sainte Anne street/Palais Royal. Once will … Read more

Tegalalang & Bali rice terraces

· Fashion, Travel

Let’s keep going with our visit of Bali and the area around Ubud. In this post, I’ll bring you with me for a walk in the most incredible scenery and the most breathtaking terraced rice fields. Put on your walking shoes and let’s go wade around in those humid and luxuriously green grounds!   Tegalalang … Read more

Rain in pink

· Fashion

The rainy Parisian weather seems to have faded away but it might be back anytime soon so let’s be careful. I already promoted the advantages of this grey rain coat, which is for me the investment you should make for your wardrobe. I told so many positives things about it that my SO discretely stole … Read more

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