Taste and health

· Food, Illustration

“Rouge plaisir” by pastry chef Alain Chartier, Theix (56) (1st prize)   It’s been 10 years now, you know how much I love gastronomy and my legendary appetite for all things on the yummy spectrum! However in order to preserve my well-being (and my waistline!), I am trying to pay more attention to what I … Read more

Close to me

· Fashion

I have to show you these 7/8 pants I was talking about here. I am wearing it almost the same way as I drew Tokyobibi! Verdict: I like the color, the flaired cut, the comfort and the length, which stops just above the ankles. The only advise I would have if you decide to get … Read more


· Fashion

You must be aware that one of my favorite movie saga is Hunger Games. For the past few years, around this period, my friend Lionel and myself even had the habit to organise a DVD marathon before going to watch the last one in a movie theater (ah! Nostalgia!). The last episode was broadcast in … Read more

My 6 safe bets

· Fashion

My objective to keep a “capsule” and optimal closet might be long to achieve. I still need to sort out everything, knowing that I haven’t got back all the clothes that I’ve stocked in the cellar during the work in our apartment. This being said, today I selected 6 of my key accessories/clothes ; pieces … Read more


· Fashion

Do you remember this cotton chambray blazer ? I wore it twice on the blog, once in 2012 and once in 2014 (capillary flashback again!). The detail you don’t know is that it was sold with a belt that I’ve just ignored for many years as I wanted to keep it open. This year, I … Read more

My style evolution

· Fashion, Illustration

On the 25th of may this year, my blog celebrated its10 yearsof existence.In 2007, I had started on a whim after discovering Balibulle blog and leaving her tons of comments (her and other bloggers … social media didn’t exist at the time). I was first on Canalblog then here starting 2008. SO much has happened … Read more

Summer in October

· Fashion

Nice sun this weekend over Paris, I hope you enjoyed it! I was dreaming about Indian summer, it seems like my wish became true. After a few autumnal looks, here is a perfect Indian summer outfit made up with loose dungarees and embroidered top. You already know everything that I am wearing today. No major … Read more

Montée by Takayuki Nameura

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

When people ask me what I love so much about Japan, I have a thousand answers. I love the japanese culture and heritage, but I’m especially appreciative of their refined, detailed and sometimes a bit crazy state of mind. Here, no particular craziness to talk about, I’m sharing a very minimalist franco-japanese gastronomy address, full … Read more

Five senses #5

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

On the blog, the “Five senses” articles can be counted on the fingers of one hand ! Despite this, here is a new one to tell you all about what stimulated my 5 senses lately. The refurbishing work in our apartment is slowly coming to an end, and even if we still have to fine-tune … Read more

Back in Paris

· Fashion

Thank you for being here today, even though I was away from this blog last week! Indeed, last week was quite busy (a bit of health concerns but nothing serious despite the fact that it was invalidating, press trip in Catalonia, and work in the apartment not done yet…), here is why I didn’t post … Read more

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