Afternoon tea at home

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You know how I love all things related to the UK … especially their singers/actors, let’s be honest, but also the lifestyle and their humour … and all the more with our road-trip from last summer.

I have always been more of a tea rather than a coffee person (a food-loving tea person I’d add!), which is why I love Afternoon tea, this English ritual that consists in taking a break between lunch and dinner to have cake and savory delicacies while sipping on tea.

A couple months back, BHV launched it’s website and as a “food” ambassador, I ordered online to make an afternoon tea at home. I also took the opportunity to order a bit of crockery and other necessary accessories to create an authentic teatime experience….or at least to the best of my ability (Your Royal Highness Queen Elisabeth, if you are reading this, please be lenient!)


Preparations in the kitchen

Since I’m enjoying cooking more and more often, I’m trying to invest in quality equipment. I didn’t have moulds for madeleines or cannelés yet : I browsed the website and found these silicone ones (not too bulky for storage either, which is nice). The madeleine mould was tested and approved for this post : perfectly cooked and very easy to turn out.

 Madeleine and cannelés moulds De Buyer (here and there)
Maple wood spoon Kuhn Rikon
Cooking whisk
Absolument Maison


I decided to prepare my cakes using the Marlette mixes (that I found at the BHV MARAIS) : scones, chocolate chip muffins and madeleines. I could have done everything from scratch, but having already baked these cakes over Christmas, I realized they were a great way to save time (for most, you just need to add butter, mik and eggs), all while keeping the recipe yummy and with quality ingredients.

My only personal twist was in the madeleine recipe : I added white chocolate chips and matcha powder : a success !

Madeleine mould De Buyer


On the savory side, I decided to prepare finger sandwiches and mini grilled cheese, in bite size versions : I chose to add ham, butter and pickles to the sandwiches and a yummy cheddar cheese to the grilled cheese. Which only left cutting the bread to the right size and tada for a complete afternoon tea!

I also added crunchy sandwiches with sesame kamut bread and chicken rillettes (which can also be found at LE BHV MARAIS).

Round wood cutting board Absolument Maison



Hirène tiered cake stand Absolument maison
Hirène teacups Absolument maison
Cake knife and server Nuova


When you say afternoon tea, you say teacups! Believe it or not, but up to now, I only had large japanese cups or mugs! I had to get small traditional teacups, that I found on the website. I really like the elegant scalloped edges.

Sugar pot Bitossi
Hirène tiered cake tray Absolument maison


I also wanted to get the teapot from the same Hirène collection, but it wasn’t in stock when I ordered : I will make up for this shortcoming by ordering it right now. I hope the royal family won’t have noticed it was missing! As a diversion tactic, I chose a cute sugarpot with lots of detailed and a special hole to put a golden spoon.

The masterpiece of the afternoon tea was the tiered cake tray, that allowed to present the cakes and sandwiches and transport you directly into an english teahouse … how cute!


Tea for two

For this yummy one on one moment, I chose to prepare a Christmas tea that I had already shown you in my Instagram stories and that I really like : the Star tea (Thé des étoiles) from the Palais des Thés. It’s chocolate notes (green tea, chesnuts and tonka bean) was perfect to go along the sweets and treats.

With such a tasty and hearty teatime, dinner of course is barely a supper. I had been ambitious for a 2 person teatime, but supper did include some madeleines for dessert! (English translation by Marine)

Mincemeat (candied fruit marmelade) Tiptree
Roses de Reims biscuits Fossier
(found at LE BHV MARAIS delicatessen)


(This is a promoted post and was made in collaboration with LE BHV MARAIS )

My Outfit

“Harry” Archive by Alexa blouse Marks & Spencer (already seen here)
Apron Bloomingville (found at LE BHV MARAIS)
Earrings Soko (already seen here)

« Volume russe » Eyelashes extensions Les cils de Marie (already seen here)


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    My God, je ne sais pas comment se déroule une tea party chez Elisabeth, mais à mon avis, elle ne peut pas faire mieux. Tout est parfait visuellement, gustativement tout me saute dans le ventre.. Je m’inscris pour la prochaine!!!!

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      hahahaha ! Merci je suis flattée ! Il faudrait pouvoir comparer : je lance une perche à la Reine ! ^^

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    Comment ne pas se réjouir d’un post qui mêle passion de l’Angleterre et gourmandise ? Comme toi, j’apprécie cette tradition anglaise qui perdure et dont j’abuse avec mes ami(e)s… Alors que je partage aussi ton amour d’une vaisselle neutre et blanche que j’utilise quotidiennement, je rêve de m’offrir un service particulier coloré pour le “tea-time”, un de ceux là :
    Bravo aussi pour ton chemisier digne des plus belles années de Laura Ashley, période victorienne !
    Et je le répète, merci pour ces magnifiques photos.
    Bon week-end,

    • Reply


      Oui, si j’avais une grande maison, je serais une folle de vaisselle différente mais par la force des choses, je me limite un peu 🙂 J’aime aussi les services de la porcelaine de Gien ou comme ceux que tu montres, pour un teatime ce serait parfait aussi !
      Merci à toi en tous cas !

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    Super article ! Ça donne envie de se préparer un afternoon tea à la maison immédiatement 😉

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      merci ! ça prend un peu de temps mais quel plaisir de déguster tout ça au chaud à la maison 🙂

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    Coeur grenadine

    Moi,qui suis en mode “broncho-trachéo-sinusito!!!!!”, et oui mes petits élèves ont partagé leurs microbes avec leur maîtresse, ce post me donne de l’énergie et un objectif sympa pour le WE, je vais me préparer un tea-time en m’inspirant de tes jolies photos , reste à trouver quelques recettes : j’aimerai réussir à cuisiner les SCONES !!!!
    N’étant pas parisienne, tu m’as fait découvert le site du BHV , sympa !!!!
    Bisous de loin !

    • Reply


      Oh la la ma pauvre ! rétablis toi bien alors ! C’est un temps idéal à rester chez soi et cuisiner ! héhé ! Pour les scones, j’en avais déjà fait des vegan qui étaient pas mal (le livre Vegan de Marie Laforêt) : il faudrait que je tente un jour d’en faire des tradis aussi !
      Ravie en tous cas de t’avoir inspirée ! bises !

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    Mais quel joli article gourmand ! Je cherchais des inspirations de tea time et afternoon tea pour un futur article pour mon blog et je suis tombé sur le tiens. On fait comment pour dévorer ton article ? 😀

    Vraiment très jolie gourmandise

    • Reply


      Haha bienvenue ici et bon appétit ! J’espère que tu trouveras l’inspiration (à défaut de traverser l’écran ;-))

      Merci à toi !

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