Monsters, mangas and Murakami

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The « Japonismes » event is finally over, which I greatly regret because I’ve loved discovering these exhibition about Japan during a few months

However, here is a bit of extra as last weekend I visited for the very first time the « Musée en herbe » museum to discover the « Monsters, mangas and Murakami » exhibition.


Le musée en herbe

Astro Boy” book cover by Osamu Tezuka


This museum is mostly dedicated to kids but somehow I am still one, no? Anyways, if you have children you want to keep busy during weekends or holidays, I recommend you to take them there: there is something for everyone.

Indeed, during the visit, I was discreetly listening the guided tour for the kids and thought it could be fun to follow it as well!

“Mr Dob” by Takashi Murakami et traditional japanese masks


The main theme of this exhibition is about monsters, robots and mostly TakashiMurakami –the king of Kawaii -pieces of art, which allows different people from 7 to 77 years old to get interested in various degrees.

Kids will be amused by the multiples colours, robots, DIY daisy flowers, monsters to hunt with whoopee cushions (don’t judge me if I am telling you that I wanted to hunt too).

Andy Warhol Vs Takashi Murakami


The adults (the real ones) will be more interested in the nostalgia of the few old boards of anime from Osamu Tezuka or Jirō Taniguchi and will note how Murakami got inspired by the flowery pieces of art from Andy Warhol.

The exhibition is pretty short (about 4 rooms if I remember well) but still interesting to see if you like Japanese culture, its monsters and the pieces of Takashi Murakami, the famous Warhol from the country of rising sun. (English translation by Quiterie)


at Le Musée en herbe
23 Rue de l’Arbre Sec
75001 Paris
(until September 22nd 2019)


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    Oh, tu m’as donné envie d’y aller ! ça m’a fait penser à une expo qu’il y a eu il y a quelques années déjà. Bon, je me booke une date pour m’y rendre 🙂

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      C’est l’effet “coussin péteur” ça ! Ha ! Ha ! 😉 Tu me diras si tu as aimé ! C’est assez petit mais il y a une jolie petite collection 🙂

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    Je crois que je suis faite pour les expos pour les enfants ! J’aime beaucoup Murakami. Mais j’avoue que les masques traditionnels japonais sont absolument effrayants.

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      Haha ! Oui les masques ne sont pas des plus accueillants en effet (surtout celui de droite ;-))

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    Hello ! J’y suis allée ce samedi et j’ai beaucoup aimé ! C’était vraiment chouette !

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