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I am finally back on this blog after quite some times because of a very busy schedule in terms of work and entertainment.

But I missed writing on this blog and before starting again (and maybe finish one day) my report about my winter trip to Japan, I am taking you today to a new Japanese chapter.


A japanese summer

Indeed, the Parisian summer is full of surprises because until the begining of next year a lot of events related to Japan will be held, as part of “Japonismes 2018”.


Without knowing it, I visited the first exhibition of this cultural operation at the Palais de Tokyo and while checking the coming program, it led me to the Salomon de Rothschild hotel.


Japanese aesthetics at hotel de Rothschild

This time, I discovered the Fukami exhibition, which takes us to the Rothschild hotel and its Japanese aesthetics.


The raw and minimalist pieces of work are perfectly mixed with the nearly flashy architecture of the hotel, full of gildings and carved moldings at every corner.

Seascapes by Hiroshi Sugimoto


I loved the contrast of this living room with an apocalyptic ambiance, result of the piece of work from the Korean artist Lee Ufan.

“Relatum Dwelling (2)” by Lee Ufan


Another style, “Echoes Infinity” ephemeral art work form Shinjo Ohmaki, made of colored pigments drawn with a stencil on a ground of baize that will be destroyed with visitor footsteps at the end of the exhibition (I must come back to see the carnage ahah!).

“Echoes infinity” by Shinji Ohmaki won’t remain intact for very long !


Here are a few pictures of my visit, which will give you a quick overview and who knows you might want to come after me.

“Raiya” and Ranmei by Ryo Hiraoka and “Co(Al)xistence” videoclip by Justine Eymard with Mirai Moriyama


“Foam”, the impressive foam cloud artwork by Kohei Nawa


“Kajikazawa dans la province de Kai” by Hokusai


Anyway, I enjoyed this very inspiring cultural trip and I am looking forward to the following ones: if you can’t go to Japan, Japan will come to you! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Jumpsuit American Vintage (orange color here)
Belt Sézane
Sandals 70/30 (already seen here)
Bag brought from Bali, Ubud (similar here)


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    Etant moi-même une grande amatrice d’expositions artistiques et culturelles, j’adore quand tu publies ce genre d’articles! Cela me donne très envie de suivre tes pas. Chapeau bas pour la combi assortie à l’expo

    • Reply


      ahh ça me fait plaisir merci ! J’aime bien mêler un peu l’art et la mode (même si je ne suis plus vraiment la mode autant qu’avant !) . En tous cas je suis ravie de partager mes découvertes ici et que cela t’inspire ! j’espère que tu aimeras l’expo autant que moi !

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    The Pink Variant

    Wow, so many different styles of art and so much effort put into each piece. The Shinji Ohmaki piece was awesome. I love how the artist made the visitors apart of the piece. How interesting!

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      Yes ! a very eclectic exhibition with so many amazing masterpieces 🙂

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    Cette expo fait très envie. Les photos sont magnifiques. Je n’aime pas trop les oeuvres éphémères. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais cela m’angoisse.
    Ta combinaison est effectivement superbement assortie.

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      haha ! tu as peur de détruire la beauté de l’instant ?
      en tous cas merci pour la combi , un vrai confort !

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    This exhibition looks incredible! I seriously wish I was visiting Paris just so I could see it for myself.


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      Ah ! I wish I could visit Australia one day too 🙂 we can switch places haha 🙂

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    J’ai été complètement bluffée par la première photo et ce sol en ardoise ! Le contraste avec cette pièce baroque en fait ressortir toute la beauté, on se croirait dans un rêve qui mêle différentes choses sans tenir compte de la réalité… Merci pour ce post d’une expo où je n’irai pas… Et ta coiffure, so nippone te va à merveille !
    Belle semaine,

    • Reply


      Oui elle est totalement destabilisante cette salle avec ce contraste !

      Ravie de te faire évader un peu et merci pour la coiffure 🙂 bises

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