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Autumn is here, and the bad weather and dreary days has come along. To make the most of this season, which often discourages people from going outside, there’s nothing like staying quietly at home to hibernate in a comfy cocoon. Last year, I have already talked about the pleasures of autumn and my tips on how to feel good at home.

Today, here are a few additional tracks and little pleasures of the moment that help me face the gray outside. Hopefully this will inspire you to make everything around you cosy… and more especially during this special year!


Warm candles

Candles “La bougie herbivore”


The obvious accessory to bring a little comfort inside your home… and above all a warm olfactory atmosphere. My favorite candle is the crackling candle from Wabi-Sabi (“Nuage végétal” perfume) but I like it so much that it is finished (I have to order another).

In the meantime, I use two candles that were given to me by a friend on my birthday in January (Thanks Sylvain<3) : “Okinawa Mist” from La bougie herbivore, which has a spring rather than autumn scent: cherry blossom, sea air but since there is no more season, it doesn’t matter! The 2nd one is “Eternal Fig” with more greedy accents (fig, edelweiss) in accordance with the season. An ephemeral pleasure but so pleasant!


A comfort at all times

Whether furniture or clothing, it’s time to take refuge in soft and comfortable materials.

If you have an eye for decoration, you’ll see that I’ve swapped my Eames chair for this new rocking chair, more “cottage style”. We gave our Eames to a nephew who is settling in his studio for the first time and took the opportunity to replace it with this one, even more cosy! When it will be colder, I will add a plaid but the seat is already very soft.


Socks “Dirty dancing” Odette & Lulu (Thanks Noémie <3)
Rocking chair “Dilma” AM.PM


On the clothing side, I’m betting on natural materials: fleece cotton sweatshirt and fun socks (I haven’t taken out the thick woolen socks yet) and off-camera, you can count on me to hang out in a Winnie onesie, UGGs and wrap myself in a plaid! By the way, I’d like to invest in flowing, stylish, comfortable and warm indoor pants. If you have any recommendations, I’m very interested!


Comforting series and movies

It’s time to balm your heart with an avalanche of romantic comedies! I’m quite a fan of romantic comedies (much more than Halloween horror movies). So here’s my selection of favorite “soppy” movies/series (I’m excluding for the moment the romantic Christmas comedies because it’s still too early: let’s save some ideas for later!).

  • Emily in Paris : The series that is very popular at the moment and that people love to hate. For my part, I came out of this screening with a big smile. Of course, one is tempted to be sarcastic by pointing out all the unrealistic and extremely cliché situations of this series… but, let’s put aside our cynicism a bit, let’s take what these romcom episodes have to offer (i.e. lightness, romance, humor and good humor (and cherry on the cake with the charisma of Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) and the mostly endearing characters) : Of course it’s far from perfect and it irritates, us, french people (and influencers haha) a little bit, but I had a great time watching it (I detailed my personal feelings on highlighted stories on Instagram).
  • The kissing booth A teen movie I’ve already talked about here
  • Isn’t it romantic ? A rather successful parody of romantic comedies
  • Clueless For the nostalgia of the 90’s and a Paul Rudd really really cute
  • Far from the madding crowd Country atmosphere and romantic love story (I was already talked about it here)
  • Dawson’s creek My all-time favorite series, with beautiful and cozy fall moments spread throughout the 6 seasons.


An inspiring reading

The Monocle guide to cosy homes


To dream and be inspired by cosy homes from around the world, I found this book “The Monocle guide to cosy homes” (I was so seduced by the book Monocle about Japan that I had to look at this one too).


It shows different ways to bring cosiness in the house: you don’t necessarily have to add plaids and candles to make a cosy interior and that’s the interest of this eclectic book about decoration. Photos, portraits, texts, the cosy is analyzed in all the details.


Caring sounds

How about a comforting fall playlist? When it rains, I really like to listen to sweet and nostalgic sounds from bands like Travis (they released a new album “10 songs” absolutely perfect for fall!), Keane, or to throw some folk playlists, as if I was in a cabin in which a fireplace crackles (with marshmallows! = haha! You can feel the irreversible after-effects of an untimely viewing of romantic comedies )

Another way to hear relaxing whispering in your ear: Podcasts! I discovered 2 podcasts of Florie Vine quite “feel good”: an old one called “Simple & Cité” rather oriented towards minimalism and slow life.

But she also hosts a second one called “Bulles nomades” which describes her vision of happiness in various themes (optimism and realism, how to develop her creativity and confidence etc…). The tone is always benevolent, non-judgmental and allows for a certain introspection and keys to appreciate more what is presented to us every day.


Pamper your body

Since we’re staying at home, we might as well please our skin! Here are a few fetish products to take care of mine, especially with the first cold of autumn. I am now trying to prioritize natural cosmetics with little impact on the environment and those of the Les inspyrées line fully fulfill this task.

I had already talked about it in the past: I am fully seduced by the sustainable and reasoned approach of this brand (I know well the founder’s, a friend, ethics and environmental convictions). Here are the products that I use at Les inspyrées and from which I’ve got full satisfaction:


LE SERUM MON OEIL ! : A 100% organic vegetable eye contour oil (prickly pear, jojoba oil, calophylla, arnica …) that reduces wrinkles, bags, dark circles while preserving this sensitive part of the face. I like the fresh side of the roll-on.

LE BAUME FONDANT APAISANT CORPS : No more crocodile skin with this nourishing and soothing composition (shea butter, hemp oil, sacha Inchi, calendula, chamomile, rosemary): the pot lasts really long too!

EAU TONIQUE “PURIFIE MOI !” : A hydrolat which regulates mixed to oily skins, made up of a mixture of floral waters, always organic and from French origin (Melissa, thyme, laurel): I apply it morning and evening instead of the lavender water which I used before (this one regulates even better!).


This list of cosy little pleasures is far from being exhaustive and there are many other ways to bring cosy into your home: you can also choose to cook good little dishes, do manual work (embroidery, knitting), sleep or simply do nothing! The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, no matter what the weather is like outside! (English translation by Quiterie)


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My Outfit

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    Merci pour cette liste inspirante. Je vais essayer d’écouter les podcasts. Le sujet a l’air intéressant. Le livre sur les maisons cosy me plaît aussi beaucoup. Mais pense que ton intérieur pourrait figurer dans ce livre. Tout semble parfait et confortable.
    Bon week-end

    • Reply


      Oui tu me diras ! Et la voix de Florie est assez douce aussi donc ça aide ! Et merci pour le compliment mais les maisons de ce livre sont vraiment merveilleuses (de part la vue ou le décor extérieur aussi souvent !) bref ça fait rêver !

  2. Reply


    Super liste !!!!!

    Grâce à toi, j’ai regardé les deux films Kissing Booth et j’ai adoré ! mon préféré est quand même le deuxième avec Marco !!!! et mes scènes préférées : quand Elle raconte au micro à quel point “Marco is a snack” et les deux scènes de danse ! Le dpiner de Thanksgiving bien tendu j’aime aussi 🙂

    J’ai aussi bien aimé la comédie avec l’avocate qui attaque une application de rencontre qui ne remplit pas ses promesses (je ne me rappelle plus le nom du film sur Netflix).

    Pour compléter ta liste : je te conseille la tisane “Bali” de Damann frères 🙂

    Pour le pantalon fluide chaud, je suis toute ouïe si tu trouves quelque chose ! je pensais voir ce que Uniqlo proposait, ils ont des tenues d’intérieur chaudes.

    • Reply


      Hello ! Kissing booth 2 j’avoue que j’ai moins adhéré par rapport au 1 et que je suis restée insensible au charme de Marco (mais apparemment il a beaucoup de fans !) cela était quand même drôle grâce à l’énergie des acteurs mais beaucoup moins de connivence entre Elle et Noah donc un peu déçue !
      Merci pour la reco tisane ! C’est vrai que ça s’ajoute bien à la panoplie cosy ! Et pour merci pour le pantalon ! Faut que j’aille voir ce qui se fait là-bas en ce moment ! Merciiiiii

      • Reply


        Aha oui, je comprends ton ressenti sur TKB 2, j’ai aussi trouvé la relation entre Noah et Elle chiante, et Noah était complètement déprimé et déprimant !!! Alors que j’ai trouvé leur couple super hot et très mignon dans TKB 1. Du coup, ça a fait de la place pour Marco ^^/ (oui je suis une girouette ahahaha)
        Et j’ai adoré la relation entre Elle et Lee, comme d’hab… ils sont vraiment trop mignons.

        OOOOOOOHHHH as-tu vu le film Rose bonbon ? c’est un film super cosy 🙂 avec l’actrice qui joue la maman de Noah et Elle (et qui était aussi dans the Breakfast club, un autre film cosy, que je détestais jeune, mais que j’ai redécouvert et aimé dans ma trentaine)

        • Reply


          Haha oui tu es girouette ! ^^ moi Marco en tous cas ne m’a pas trop fait d’effet.
          Sinon non je n’ai pas vu ces films mais je les note pour plus tard ! Merciiii

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    Douces effrontées

    Lire tes articles m’apaise toujours. Tes photos sont tellement douces.
    Pour l’instant, j’aime bien Emily in Paris ! Je trouve qu’il faut prendre la série pour ce qu’elle est. Certes, ce sont des clichés, mais en tant que provinciale ils m’amusent beaucoup. Voir la ville de Paris sous cet angle est très agréable je trouve !

    Des bisous

    • Reply


      Ahh je suis contente que mes articles t’apporte y un peu de douceur surtout en ce moment 🙂
      Et Emily on Paris c’est exactement le Paris que j’avais envie de voir en ce moment ! Donc enjoyy !

  4. Reply


    On va vraiment avoir besoin de tous ces moments cosy pour se sentir bien cet automne…

    • Reply


      Indispensable ! Et encore plus cette année et après ces annonces sanitaires ! Bon automne cosy !

  5. Reply


    J’ai commandé les bougies comme cadeaux de noël 🙂 et la brume pour moi ahah hâte de les recevoir !

    • Reply


      ah super ! j’espère que tu aimeras et les personnes à qui tu les offres aussi ! 🙂

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