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Back for a new “Five senses” article but Christmas edition! This year, Christmas will be a little bit special but we must not forget to please our 5 senses… So here are a few inspiring ideas that I hope you will enjoy and help you to live a Christmas period as magical as usual!



Vermont White Spruce Tree Balsam Hill


I installed my tree on November 15th, too early? Maybe, but since this year has forced us more than ever to stay home, we might as well enjoy ourselves… especially since I have the impression that we’ve been talking about Christmas since the end of September!

Anyway, mid-November, I was delighted to find my artificial tree (in which I invested last year) and the decorations that adorn it.

Nutcrackers Christian Ulbricht
Tree star Ferm Living
Heartshaped golden ornaments IKEA


No big change since the absence of travel and wandering in the stores pushes me to be fine with what I already have in terms of Christmas decorations. Only one novelty: these few golden heart-shaped balls ordered online, which allow me to temper a little bit the red/British dominance of my tree.



Does a fake Christmas tree mean no smell of tree ? Not really… because I compensate with candles with woody scents to keep this natural spirit.

This year, I have the pleasure to collaborate with the French perfumer Estéban to discover the “Noël nature 2020” collection and this last one is not totally unknown to me since last year already, I used their candle “Sapin exquis” to accompany this festive period (I had received it in a box of our personalized advent calendar!).


The perfume of this “Exquisite fir” is “an ode to the magic of Christmas, to the warm and gourmet moments spent around the tree”… quite a program!

It is difficult to write you down the scent that is currently embalming my apartment but I would say that this description is quite faithful to what you can imagine: Woody, ambery scents with a little greedy note, sweet but not too much.

This exquisite fir exists in the form of a candle, an indoor spray and a fragrant bouquet. I love the discreet, elegant and golden/woodsy presentation of the whole… matching my Christmas decorations! The wooden fir tree shaped bouquet is a good way to keep the fragrance going all day long without having to light a candle and adds a warm decorative touch.

Fragrant bouquet, indoor spray, candle “Exquisite fir”
and candle “Blackcurrant cherry” Estéban Paris Parfums


This year, I discovered the other scent of this “Natural Christmas” collection: “Blackcurrant cherry”. Here, we move away a little from the tree and we totally abandon ourselves to the greediness of blackcurrant and cherry coated with almond notes. I am seduced.

And also totally seduced by the eco-responsible commitment of the brand. Indeed, Estéban manufactures its scented products in the south of France, with carefully chosen components (100% vegetable wax, pure cotton wick, phthalate-free vegetable alcohol) and recyclable packaging. In addition, the majority of their products are refillable (perfume stems, bouquet refill, candle refill).

This year, the brand also made a commitment to donate 1% of revenue from the Exquisite fir and Blackcurrant cherry collections to associations that protect the environment. Nice approach, isn’t it?



Xmas tableware Villeroy & Boch
Cakestand Absolument maison (already seen here)
Bredele “moelleux” biscuits Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie


Christmas is not only a joy for the eyes or the nose but also for the taste buds! Last year, I brought back some delicious bredele from Colmar and since this year we can’t travel far, I ordered some online at the same place: the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie. I could also make some myself, you would say to me, but I am not sure I could make such a large variety and especially not sure to make such good ones!

So I have chosen a packet of moelleux (almond-based) but I will certainly place a larger order with shortbread or other Alsatian specialties to accompany the month of December.

Xmas tea Compagnie coloniale (Merci Lionelou <3)
Black and green Christmas tea Dammann Frères (Merci Jérémy <3)
Thé nouveau (green tea) Mariage Frères


Besides that, Christmas also means Panettone, shortbread cookies, clementines and other sweets… that it is nice to accompany with a little tea!

Here are the Christmas teas I have in my cupboard at the moment. I’m also looking to stock up on Christmas herbal teas to vary the pleasures, so if you have any references to recommend, let me know!



Advent calendar made by myself last year


Christmas is back with its playlist of course! Every year, I take pleasure in listening to and adding to the Christmas playlist that I’ve been making on Deezer for a few years now.

It includes a mix of classics and pop sweets to spend a Christmas season in rhythm: Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, the Jonas Brothers, Backstreet boys or Tom Chaplin alongside Franck Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Elvis Presley. I hope you’ll find it useful to accompany your cookie baking or your “gift-wrapping” sessions!



Sweaters Close (already seen here)
Cashmere sweater La Redoute collections (already seen here)
Ballerinas Carel (already seen here)


December and the Christmas season mean for me the return of warm and soft sweaters! Still no novelty around here but a tribute to my most comfortable and durable sweaters!

I’m happy to find my little collection of cashmere sweaters that I’ve had in my wardrobe since 2015 and that are almost as good as new, even after several machine washes (wool cycle of course)!

This red sweater is also one of the best quality investments I could make: from 2017 and not a single pilling on the horizon. The cream-colored one is doing very well too. All this to tell you that when you try to privilege quality, it still remains after several years! (English translation by Quiterie)


Article written as part of a paid collaboration with Estéban Paris Parfums
This article also contains an affiliate link


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    J’adore cet article, et ces très jolies photos !! Je me mets peu à peu dans l’esprit de Noël, j’ai commencé doucement courant novembre avec quelques films, j’installe des décos tout au long de cette semaine et j’ai sorti les thés de Noël hier ! En infusion, j’aime bien l’infusion de Noël de Dammann, je crois que c’est la seule que j’ai goûtée. J’avais adoré les bredele achetés à Strasbourg (et les magnifiques décorations), ça me rend très nostalgique ! Pas encore de sapin chez moi, probablement le week-end prochain.

    • Reply


      Ahhh cool que tu aimes ! Et merci pour la recommandation de tisane de noël ! Je vais aller me pencher dessus ! Et les bredele j’adore aussi ! J’aime autant les sablés que les moelleux. Et bonne deco de sapin la semaine prochaine !

  2. Reply


    Merci pour cette Playlist au top comme toujours !!!!!! J écoute souvent celle des stories avec grand plaisir…. Bon week end en mode Noël !

    • Reply


      Tant mieux si tu aimes ! Je suis heureuse d’accompagner tes journées avec mes playlists du coup ! 😉

  3. Reply

    sofy from sxb

    je suis ravie que tu gardes un doux souvenir de ma belle Alsace.

    • Reply


      Ah mais tellement ! On aurait voulu y retourner durant cette saison mais le destin en a décidé autrement !( l’Alsace vient à moi du coup ! ;-))

  4. Reply


    C’est pour toutes ces raisons que j’aime tant la période de noël (je crois que je préfère d’ailleurs les préparatifs au réveillon en lui-même). J’hésite à investir dans un sapin artificiel. Ce ne sera peut-être pas pour cette année mais je suis de plus en plus convaincue. Ce sera également l’occasion de ramener de jolies décorations au fil de mes voyages comme toi 🙂

    • Reply


      Mais oui c’est super ! Et le sapin artificiel je suis convaincue vu que je ne stresse plus à l’idée de voir le sapin baisser la tête et ne suis plus triste de lui dire adieu à la fin de noël ! Ici je le range bien sagement pour l’année prochaine ! 😉

  5. Reply


    Jolie décoration !

  6. Reply


    Ton sapin est si joliment décoré! Je songe à investir également dans un sapin artificiel, est-ce que le tien est facile à ranger une fois les fêtes passées?

    • Reply


      Merci ! Oui il est en 2 parties repliables et tiens dans un gros sac (livré avec) : je le mets dans ma cave !

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    J’aime beaucoup ta décoration de Noël, c’est de bon gout je trouve, je ne pense pas que qu’ Ewan Mc Gregor aurait pu faire mieux lol ! Mes filles ont également appréciées tes photos, du coup me voila obligée d’être plus créative pour notre prochaine décoration, ça donne des idées en tout cas, merci miss Tokyo 🙂

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