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For this back to work/school period, here is the come back of one of your favorite category with a « Five senses » article (even though it’s probably the only category on this blog! Haha!). So let’s discover what stimulated my 5 senses lately!



You probably saw it on Instagram: I fell in love with a new incomer in my living room: the Medinilla magnifica. An exotic plant with impressive hanging pink flowers that I discovered after reading the blog Mango & Salt but I was afraid to get it at home, worried I couldn’t take care of it.

It’s still too early to call me a « Medinilla Master » (after only 15 days at home) but the future will tell us if the care instructions prove to be conclusive.

Apparently, it requires a luminous place (but not direct sun), watering and vaporizing its leaves with non-hard water (demineralized water for iron should work), avoid airstreams. I’ve been carefully following these instructions: finger crossed, meanwhile I’ve been admiring it.



As we are currently in the digital and the Internet age, the printed press has lost its luster. Even me, I don’t buy anymore any women’s magazine (and watch the last trends on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) but I still appreciate reading the so-called « slow life » magazines that I consider as a real beautiful object to keep on my bookshelf.

As for me, the buying criteria are: the ascetic of the page and picture layouts, the writing and the “lifestyle” content as much as possible and less « psychology and personal development » (I am not saying I don’t need it but I only follow these advices of life with moderation: I have the feeling that trying to be more productive, the best of ourself, etc. tends to give individuals the same personality… but this is another subject).

So here are my favorite magazines in this domain:


DINETTE MAGAZINE : I’ve already talked about it in a previous Five senses article: After a few issues published, I keep enjoy reading it. This magazine from Quebec is very exotic and uncommon, with recipes (sometimes with unknown ingredients), wild life documentaries and creative editorials.


DIM DAM DOM : I told you about it on Instagram. An aesthetic magazine but not boring! (For instance, I’ve never got into Kinfolk magazines unlike the books). It gathers everything I like: fashion, travel and food. Very inspiring. I love reading it and reading it again.


LES CONFETTIS : Here is a women’s magazine I’ve kept reading! Indeed, it features interviews of women coming from different backgrounds (not only fashion or design) in order to discover different life courses. I particularly liked this summer issue with beautiful testimonials and images (interiors full of plants, it inspires me!)


SPECULOOS : A Belgian lifestyle magazine with always very nice and inspiring pictures.

Feel free to share the names of others if you know any good one!



Photo credit : Sarah Louise Bennett


You know my passion for the band Bastille since the very beginning: I even wrote a full article about them. 6 years after, I am still a huge fan.

The music is still in the same vibe that made me love them but still with some evolution (in the good way) and even though they’ve become more popular abroad (thanks to collaboration with Marshmello for instance) I still can feel their passion for music and creativity and of course to have fun no matter what.

Photo credit : India Times Post


The last OP called « Doom days” is the one I listened the most (with the one of Kodaline) this summer and I’ve kept listening again: I love all the songs without exception and I’ve been dreaming about them coming back to France for a live tour.

When I told a friend about it, she told me about a mobile application to keep track about your favorite artist or band: Bands in town.

It synchronizes with everything you listen (on Spotify, Deezer), sends alerts about your favorite artists and suggests concerts that fits your tastes. After my spring/summer full of concerts, I will keep enjoying while being sure I won’t miss any!



In the streets of Honfleur…


I didn’t take any holiday this summer since I had already enjoyed some time off in May-June in Japan (I will continue the travel story soon!) and I had some work to get done on the side.

Even though, the activity was pretty slow in July-August and the Parisian quiet had done me good, Iast weekend we felt like I wanted to smell and see the sea.

Therefore, for a short day, we went to Honfleur, and stopped by Deauville on our way back: we had missed the « sea side and holiday » ambiance so we really enjoyed it! To smell the iodine and wet sand, this express getaway was just perfect.

Sunset in Deauville



Les recettes healthy de Margot (Editions Leduc)


This summer, I took the opportunity to cook a bit more, enjoying the large choice of seasonal fruits and vegetable varieties. I’ve been trying to prepare more healthy meals (while lowering the quantity of meat and increasing the portion of vegetables and pulses) and Margot’s book with healthy recipes helped me a lot.

I had a crush for her salty waffles with zucchini recipe, very easy to prepare: to enjoy with smoked salmon and yogurt and lemon sauce, lighter than a traditional waffle (somehow the milk is replaced by the grated zucchini). I will try autumnal recipes later on (with the coming back of pumpkin and squash!). As for now, I am still enjoying the summer! (English translation by Quiterie)


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    Comme toujours très agréable de te lire.
    Je vais regarder plus en détails ta sélection de magazines. Je n’en lis plus depuis des années, depuis que j’ai arrêté la presse dite “féminine”.
    Je repensais en me plongeant dans tes archives pour préparer mon voyage au Japon, que de toutes les blogueuses des débuts, il n’y a plus que toi et Balibulle, que je lis avec toujours autant de plaisir! Alors bravo à toi pour avoir réussi à continuer pendant toutes ces années avec des posts de qualité et en évitant la surconsommation et la sponsorisation à tout va.

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      Oh je suis vraiment flattée merci ! D’autant plus que c’est Balibulle qui m’a donné envie de créer mon blog donc la boucle est bouclée ! Merci pour ta fidélité c’est toujours un plaisir d’échanger !

  2. Reply


    Merci pour cette sélection de magazines. Je ne connaissais que Dim Dam Dom. Je lis encore un peu de la presse féminine traditionnelle, surtout lorsqu’il y a des offres. Mais les articles intéressants sont de plus en plus rares. La pub est partout, même dans les articles C’est dommage
    Ta plante verte est magnifique !

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      Oui, la pub nous envahit au quotidien hélas !
      Et merci pour ma plante ! J’espère la faire survivre encore longtemps !

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    Super article, j’adore vraiment tout ce que tu fais ! Cet été j’ai fait un stage où j’ai découvert de super magazines que je conseille depuis à tout mon entourage : Zadig, America, XXI et Usbek & Rica, ce sont tous des trimestriels avec que des articles de fond super intéressants, des illustrations magnifiques et un très beau format qui fait plus livre que magazine ! Je vais me pencher sur les tiens qui ont l’air très chouettes également…

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      Ahh je note les noms de tes magazines : j’irai jeter un coup d’œil ! Merci !

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    Bravo pour cet article ! J’adore faire des découvertes et c’est toujours le cas grâce à ton blog.

    Sinon, d’où vient ton porte-plantes ? Il est superbe et la plante qu’il accueille aussi 🙂

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      Merci ! Je l’avais prise en lot de deux (un autre trône sur mon balcon) sur La redoute mais je viens de voir que ce n’est plus en vente hélas !

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    Eduardo Galileu

    Love so much your posts. I read with Google Translate. Best Regards from Brazil <3

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    J’adore l’idée de cette série d’article ! Ça permet de faire découvrir pleine de choses cool en une seule fois !

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      Ravie que ça te plaise ! Je prends énormément de plaisir à les rédiger ! ^^

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    Article très original ! bonne continuation 🙂

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