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Being in Paris allows me to take even more time to wander around from one exhibition to another, and that’s what I did last weekend when I went to the Guimet museum.

Indeed, on July 10th (and until September 23rd) started the exhibition called “A call to action” imagined by Pharrell Williams and the Japanese artist Mr. (assistant of Takashi Murakami and member of Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki’s studio).


Carte blanche to Mr. & Pharrell Williams

Apparently, they’d already collaborated together for the Perrotin gallery a few years ago and also to create the video clip “It girl” from the American singer. Here is why I had this impression of “déjà vu”!

If you are not very kind of kawaii pop art, you might not find a great interest in this exhibition nor want to understand the meaning behind the childish pieces of art.

As for me, I stayed more than one hour in the room created by the two artists: sculptures, videos, drawings in the middle of a colorful apocalyptic scenery, I checked every single details of this “call to action”.

It was the will of the two artists to show that the future is owned by the new generations and despite the cute Japanese set up, they wanted to point out the problems of our society: ecology, overconsumption, individual weapons… To meditate.

I also took this opportunity to visit other floors in the museum, and I was a able enjoyed even more of my so loved Japan with the “Sur la route du Tokaido” exhibition gathering a large number of Japanese prints from Hiroshige.

Fan of Japan (or Pharrel.. or both) you now know what you have to do this summer!

PS: In term of look, here is the typical outfit I like to wear lately: not particularly feminine/sexy but more minimalistic and comfy with the holly trinity, Birk’/Bucket hat/Belt bag (“the 3B”, as one of you mentionned on Instagram !) (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Bucket hat COS
Dress Uniqlo
Belt bag &OtherStories
Pants Cyrillus (already seen here)
Sandals Birkenstock (already seen here)

Earrings Soko (already seen here)
Watch Cluse
Bracelets Tiffany & Co, Thomas Sabo


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    Je trouve cette exposition intéressante, de ce qu’elle dit de nous, les êtres humains, porteurs de cette civilisation dite “occidentale” (j’inclus le Japon). Ne sommes nous devenus que des êtres ludiques, de grands enfants impatients, capricieux et tyranniques, et à terme si ennuyés dans notre vie que nous nous tournons vers la violence ? J’imagine qu’en tant qu’illustratrice (désolée, ce n’est peut-être pas comme cela que tu te définis), tu dois y voir autre chose
    Dans tous les cas, merci, c’est intéressant et cela (me fait) fait réfléchir…
    Belle journée,

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      Oui c’est une interprétation personnelle : moi je le vois davantage par l’avenir sera sauvé par les survivants (les enfants) dans cet environnement de chaos et une tâche qui devait appartenir aux adultes est en fait transférée aux plus jeunes (ce qui est le cas actuellement avec l’effet Greta Thunberg etc)
      mais oui cela fait réfléchir. merci pour ton intervention !

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    Coucou ! Les photos sont de toute beauté, je viens de découvrir ton blog, c’est cool ce que tu fait 🙂

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