Five senses #4

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion, Food

It’s been a while since the last time I showed you what had awaken my 5 senses : so let’s not waste one more minute!   Sight Lately, I must be hibernating because I spent all the last weekends at home, wearing pyjamas, to read in bed or on the sofa with a blanket. Following … Read more

My bathroom

· Decoration, Fashion

I briefly told you about the renovation work in my bathroom, so here is a quick glance at the work finally done! It only misses a few touches of deco to make it cozier and personal but the biggest part of the work is here.   Scandinavian inspiration As you can see, my SO and … Read more

I scream for Ice cream !

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

To change our minds from this autumn weather, here are my latest findings, which I hope will warm up a bit the ambiance. As you know, I love offbeat objects and accessories, and I recently couldn’t resist to buy this iPhone case which might be a bit difficult to hide. Iphone case Tory Burch   … Read more

Five senses #3

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Episode 3 of my “Five Senses” serie : here’s what stimulated my 5 senses recently:   Sight A few weeks ago, my friend Lionel and I went to see the BARBIE exhibit at the Decorative arts museum … on a wednesday afternoon (when kids in France don’t have class) : fatal mistake (that’ll teach us … Read more

Bijoux & Bougies

· Decoration, Fashion

Here is a small “best-of” of my favourite candles and jewellery (I don’t count the bracelets I wear all day and you can see on my wrist).   Candles & jewellery The scented candles are my little weakness (actually, even more than the jewellery!) and its the kind of gift that people can offer me … Read more

Tired of this winter

· Decoration, Fashion

  Enough !… Every year at this period of the year, if you follow the same bunch of fashion bloggers, here is the main talk about from the girls with a lack of inspiration (… and living within the same latitude, because not sure we would say the same if we were living in the … Read more

Five senses #2

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Once again our rendez-vous to know more about what pleased and delighted my 5 senses lately. Let’s go!   Sight “Scrabble” Ink stamps Wild & Wolf Lately I went to movie theatre and I enjoyed watching two movies totally different. First, I had a crush for Sweet Red Bean Paste (Anあん) (I don’t know if … Read more

Green thumb

· Decoration

Fox origami found in a bookshop in Passage Choiseul Paris Apothecary bottle La Redoute (20% off) I’ve never had a green thumb that is why I don’t have much plants at home… but I decided that for 2016 this should change because we must admit that interiors are cosier with a touch of greenery. Pot … Read more

A sparkling Christmas

· Decoration, Fashion, Illustration

As promised, an article about Christmas decorations! This year, the magic spirit of Christmas started early over here, because I began the  “sparkling” collaboration with Swarovski a few month ago.. Christmas bell ornament Annual Edition 2015 Swarovski Gingerbread Mickey ornament Disneyland Paris Before my departure to Japan, I finished in extremis an illustration to be … Read more

In my kitchen

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

As I was telling you, I’m more home design than fashion oriented nowadays … And lately, it’s been narrowed down to kitchen design: I’ve noticed I enjoy spending more an more time in the kitchen – trying out savory and sweet recipes. This would have been unthinkable a couple of years back for the kitchen … Read more

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