Five senses #6

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Here is a new “Five senses” article because the Christmas period, which is coming soon (one month to go!), is a good opportunity to use our five senses, isn’t it? Be reassured, unlike all the decorations already out in the streets of Paris, my interior (not completely done) still doesn’t have a Christmas tree. However, … Read more

Old family recipe

· Decoration, Food

My grandmother’s recipe is a bit exotic but considering my Vietnamese origins, my Bà ngoại (= mother’s mother in Vietnamese) was more used to prepare asian meal rather than occidental food (although I remember a chicken marengo and “bouchées à la reine” prepared with love). This Vietnamese Grand-ma porridge, on top of being yummy, is … Read more

Montée by Takayuki Nameura

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

When people ask me what I love so much about Japan, I have a thousand answers. I love the japanese culture and heritage, but I’m especially appreciative of their refined, detailed and sometimes a bit crazy state of mind. Here, no particular craziness to talk about, I’m sharing a very minimalist franco-japanese gastronomy address, full … Read more

Five senses #5

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

On the blog, the “Five senses” articles can be counted on the fingers of one hand ! Despite this, here is a new one to tell you all about what stimulated my 5 senses lately. The refurbishing work in our apartment is slowly coming to an end, and even if we still have to fine-tune … Read more

Treasures of Instagram

· Decoration

Instagram has been taking a huge place into my life (and probably in yours as well!). A while ago, created to share spontaneous life moments (the actual trend is more to let go), it reflects a fantasised and spiced up reality. The most important is to be aware of it and try to not trust … Read more

On my balcony

· Decoration, Fashion

This summer weather in Paris isn’t really good but since we came back from Bali early July,  we wanted to focus on our balcony decoration to be able to enjoy during sunny days. Our balcony is a tiny space, about 5m2, looking at a rear-courtyard and facing others building (only advantages, haha).   Exotic inspiration … Read more

Frames of life

· Decoration, Fashion

Changing the decoration of an apartment is a lifestyle job (I don’t even imagine for a house!): desires, needs and tastes change as time goes by. Lately we’ve been looking for a refined style, less childish, with more green (influenced by Bali?). When Desenio offered me to choose posters from their selections, I thought it … Read more

Simple pleasures

· Decoration, Food

Lately, this never ending winter season is not very helpful to boost our moral. On my side, I’ve been trying to find some tricks to avoid gloominess as much as possible. Actually, I think the more I move forward in the years (let’s not be afraid of the words, “the more I get old”), the … Read more

Sunday lifestyle

· Decoration, Food

Considering the chaotic weather yesterday, we decided to not go outside. The occasion for me to show you a few new decoration ideas for cozy brunches.   Let’s do brunch ! Peg board Urban Outfitters Marble pot AM.PM Kettle Hario Japan (found in Printemps store)   It seems that my post last Friday inspired me … Read more

A story about lashes

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion

I had promised you a recap of my lash-extension experience at Les Cils de Marie in November, here it is! The result is very positive, even if the first application was a bit uncomfortable (it tingled a bit, but for the last 2 “fillings” I didn’t feel anything, weird … the stress of the first … Read more

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