Day 5 : Food wanderings in Omotesando

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Rain ? Again ?!! To reassure you, if I am not mistaken, I think it is the last rainy day that I had to “endure” in Japan, which suggests more interesting days of visits coming up. As it is raining, I present you all my addresses and food experience in the neighborhood of Omotesando and … Read more

Day 4 : Ueno park

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The sun has finally decided to show up! So we seized that moment to visit another of Tokyo’s parks where the Hanami is more than actively taking place: the Ueno Park. The festive mood was present with a crowd of Tokyoites picnicking along the alleys of the park. Many food stands offers dishes that are … Read more

Day 3 : Omotesando & Harajuku

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The 3rd day was a rainy one, which implied being particularly strategic: the 3rd day was hence declared Shopping day. Those two neighboring neighborhoods are ones I know well, since I almost went nuts in their shops back in 2007. This year, my shopping fever was somewhat less intense (although…). Maturity no doubt … (says … Read more

Day 2 : Namco Namjatown

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As I told some readers, we have organised the planning of our visits according to the weather. As it turns out, it was raining the second day, meaning we needed to find an indoor visit. We decided we would go to the Namco Namjatown Park, which is inside the Sunshine City building in Ikebukuro: it … Read more

Day 1 : Sumida Park & Asakusa

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Let’s visit Tokyo! We wanted to start slow, and especially wanted to enjoy the cherry blossoms (a custom called “hanami”), which brought us two steps from where we were staying, in the Sumida park. It’s right by a river of the same name: you can take a river boat and admire the blossoms while drifting … Read more

Our apartment-hotel in Tokyo

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As I have decided that I would share my whole trip to Japan with you, I must begin by a presentation of the place we stayed in when we were in Tokyo! Instead of choosing Shinjuku’s or Shibuya’s heady turmoil, we chose the (relative) tranquility of the Asakusa area. Due to its gorgeous Senso-ji temple, … Read more

My Japan Travel Diary

· Illustration, Travel

Sketchbook Muji (customized with Muji pens and stamps) Camera FUJIFILM Instax Mini 25 Tokyo City Guide Louis Vuitton I usually go on vacation without telling you beforehand; I enjoy my free time fully and deconnect from the blog. I admit this is exactly what happened for the last 3 weeks: I left for my other … Read more

Val d’Isère delicacies

· Food, Illustration, Travel

I had promised you a post with the yummy addresses of Val d’Isère, so here we are! Vacations in the mountains are inevitably linked to good food, and what follows proves my point! MAISON CHEVALLOT  (Avenue Olympique) Before we left for Val D’Isère, I did a little “must-eat” research, and I found this bakery/pastry shop: … Read more

Delicious Ghent

· Food, Illustration, Travel

Let’s wrap up our tour of Ghent with the food talk! As one of you said, belgian gastronomy ultimately comes down to the two best foods there can be: Fries and chocolate. Very true, but that’s not all there is to it. Indeed, during the weekend, I discovered a number of other delicious belgian specialties! … Read more

Antwerp delicacies

· Food, Illustration, Travel

As promised, I’m back from Antwerp with lots of great food places! Thanks to Kika_p for the great tips on Instagram! FRITUUR N°1 (Hoogstraat, 1)  it seems it was ordained (or maybe – with a name like that – it self-ordained) the best fries in Anvers. So yes, they’re good, warm, with a choice of … Read more

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