3 days in Antwerp : Day3- MAS & Vintage

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Third day in Antwerp, I hope you are keeping up. En route to the Het Eilandje bordering the Escaut river. Let’s go sailor !

The MAS (Museuum Aan de Strom)

I didn’t have time to visit this museum during my last trip : big mistake ! This one is brand spanking new (opened in 2011) has everything to keep me happy.

The MAS is a museum dedicated to all things maritime (“Museum Aan de Strom” means museum on the water stream) but not only : a lot of exhibits also have to do with anthropology and the behaviour of people around the world.

The building itself is worth the trip !

You can choose not to visit the exhibits and gravitate to the top of the tour to admire the panorama: it won’t cost you anything…except it would be a bit of a shame to come to the MAS without checking out the exhibits!

We chose to do it all, floor by floor (knowing there are 10 in total).

The permanent exhibits are regrouped on 5 different floors with among others the symbol of power different for each country : really interesting. The exhibit dedicated to maps in respect of different countries was really enjoyable.

What struck me at the MAS is the real effort made to staging. Some of the themes weren’t really my cup of tea but the staging was so good it made you look anyway.

Also at the end of each exhibits, an interactive part is requested of the visitors : I enjoyed leaving a little trace on this black board…

…or to stick a red sticker (to show from what country you are from) and indicate with the blue sticker which country we want to visit. Original don’t you think ?

1 Hanzestedenplaats ANTWERP


Lunch at Love Fish

From the MAS we only have a few steps and there we are sitting at this place recommended to us for the freshness of it’s fish.

Also the concept is quite practical : you order at the till what you want to eat and thanks to the flags on our table, the waiters bring little by little the chosen menu (a little like Cojean). Extra points for the sea bass carpaccio beautifully seasonned !

Mackerel, blood orange, basil, olives

Extra points for the sea bass carpaccio beautifully seasonned !

Sole, mashed potatoes and chives

Cheesecake and red berries coulis

If the weather permits, it is possible to eat outside with the view overlooking the MAS: not bad !

LOVE FISH Restaurant
12 Godefriduskaai, ANTWERP

Rockox house

Return of the Baroque with this museum that was in fact Nicolaas Rockox‘s house, an art collector and patron of the 16th century.

He was friends with our dear Pierre Paul Rubens and apparently was credited to his success. Anyhow, they could compete with each other’s houses because his is as good on the interior design front !

“Le fils prodigue” Pierre Paul Rubens

Le Maître de Francfort, his wife and Archers fete

During the visit of his golden cabinet, I was able to discover the paintings of a master from Frankfurt, an anonymous painter.

You can see him in an auto portrait depicting also his wife and I discover with joy and amusement that this particular master must have fancied himself a lot (self-baroque-mega-love!) because you can find him again in this painting representing an Archers fete, think “where’s Wally?”. Could you find this painter in his celebrity quest?

Where is the master of Frankfurt ?


12 Keizerstraat ANTWERP

Shopping vintage at Kloosterstraat

To finish this trip rich in discovery, a little tour of the street dedicated to antiques, vintage and antique finds: Kloosterstraat !

It’s always a pleasure to stroll in this street to rummage around. I actually brought back a really special carebear in a vintage toy shop (yes I confess, I have collected carebears since childhood = good contestant for Jeremy Kyle).

On that day in the middle of the street there was a few stands with cute accessories and nick-nacks.

The ambiance was friendly and the sun was out ! Perfect to end our three days in Antwerp ! (English translation by TradIsa)

Le carnet de bord complet

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My Outfit

Blazer Vero moda
Shirt By Monshowroom
Leather skinny La Redoute
Leather clutch Topshop
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay & Les Poinçonneurs (already seen here)
Lipstick « Perfect Red » Color Riche L’Oréal
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal


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    Jolies photos, et je confirme pour le MAS et Kloosterstraat, ce sont 2 endroits très sympas 😀

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    ça donne très envie de partir en week-end à la découverte d’anvers!

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    Bonjour, bah voilà il n’y a plus qu’une seule solution : prendre un billet pour Anvers hi hi hi Merci pour ce joli reportage Belle et folle journée à vous

    • Reply


      par le Thalys, c’est tellement rapide ! (quoiqu’en voiture ça se fait aussi : je l’avais fait la première fois !)

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    La vue d’en haut est super originale!

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    Je commente rarement ici alors que je viens depuis des années te lire.
    Je voudrais juste te dire que ton blog a su rester ce pour quoi je suis venue le lire au départ: un fenêtre réjouissante sur ton univers!
    Tu n’es pas devenue une machine de guerre bloguesque publicitaire et impersonnelle comme certains des blogs que j’avais découvert en même temps que le tien et il y a toujours beaucoup de fraîcheur dans tes billets.
    Franchement du fond du cœur, merci d’être restée aussi agréable à lire et de me permettre de m’évader pendant quelques instants avec des posts comme celui-ci! 🙂

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      Merci pour ta fidélité ici, ça me touche beaucoup : je suis ravie que tu prennes plaisir à venir lire mes billets, c’est toujours très gratifiant. Merci merci ! <3

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    Merci pour ce reportage ! Cela me rappelle pleins de souvenirs. J’habitais tout près du MAS en 2011 justement. Anvers est une très belle ville avec un fort potentiel pour les visites lors des longs WE. ^^

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      ah la chance ! Cette ville est vraiment pleine de richesses (et la Belgique en général, je m’en suis aperçu au gré de mes visites ;-))

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    Ton article me donne vraiment envie d’aller jeter visiter ces endroits! ♥

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    Ma fine bouche

    Tes photos me rappellent tellement de bons souvenirs. J’aime beaucoup cette vile !

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    Quelles superbes photos, ça donne envie d’aller à Anvers 🙂

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    Juliette Latraf

    Ton guide sur trois jours était vrmt super intéressant, je m’en servirai volontiers quand j’irai faire un tour la bas !! 🙂

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