Five senses #20

· Beauty, Culture, Fashion, Food

Fall is back and a Five senses article was necessary! On the one hand to share my favorites and on the other hand, to try to give you some ideas to spend these grey days in a warmer and more pleasant way…while slowly approaching the Christmas season!   TOUCH Finding my fall wardrobe is quite … Read more

Hanayashiki park

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

Let’s continue our Japanese trip to Tokyo and the neighborhood of Asakusa, as I want to tell you about this amusement park hidden behind the Senso-ji temple. Nothing compared to the size of Tokyo Disneyland, but it still has a lot of charm, such as it was coming from another time. Amusement park lovers, you … Read more

Make new with oldies

· Fashion

It’s been more than one week that I hadn’t posted on this blog: please excuse me for not being as active as usual but I haven’t been feeling very well (mix between cold/flu/cough quite crippling and very tough). My health has been chaotic since I came back from Japan but I hope to get better … Read more

Pink and beige

· Decoration, Fashion

This gloomy Parisian weather doesn’t make things easy to update a fashion blog. Therefore I need to adapt my photoshoot and take pictures inside. Today, here is an outfit I really wore outside (yes, I promise you, but with an umbrella) as I was fed up of the lack of brightness these past few months. … Read more

Christmas mood

· Decoration, Fashion

I hope you are preparing well the coming festive holidays. On my side, I don’t have my Christmas tree yet (I hope this weekend!) nevertheless the Christmas spirit is already here. Christmas tea and playlist on, I just found out that we only have two week left before the D-Day. No stress… but I need … Read more

The black coat

· Fashion

An automnal look shot during a short sunny moment this weekend. A good opportunity to show you this black coat, a basic piece for a wardrobe. Believe it or not, I didn’t have one, not a very basic black coat. And as you know that I’ve been trying to invest in timeless and basic pieces … Read more

Five senses #6

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

Here is a new “Five senses” article because the Christmas period, which is coming soon (one month to go!), is a good opportunity to use our five senses, isn’t it? Be reassured, unlike all the decorations already out in the streets of Paris, my interior (not completely done) still doesn’t have a Christmas tree. However, … Read more


· Fashion

Today is a double outfit session with my friend Lionel. No magical picnic this time: just the pleasure to gather up, to chat and capture these nice moments thanks to my SO’s pictures (and patience<3).   … and simple More than ever I like finding inspiration from men’s dressing for my outfit, everything is much … Read more

Chromatic associations

· Fashion

You might have noticed that I’ve been bringing more color into my outfits as of last week. I often pin or like new color associations on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, and recently the pairing of camel/red/blue jean and black accessories had caught my eye. From theory to practice with this outfit incorporating pre-existing elements … Read more

Hand earrings

· Fashion

As I previously told you, I was seized by a passion for earrings. Graphic and golden ones are my favorites. I had marked down this “hand” earrings on my Christmas wishlist and I had the pleasure to receive them last week for my birthday. Moreover, they have the faculty to turn a basic outfit into … Read more

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