Brooklyn, New York

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Our road trip on the East coast of the USA ends here in Brooklyn, NYC … Finally! I’m sorry it took so long to tell you all about this trip that dates back to last October, but I really wanted to go into detail as much as possible! Anyway, here’s our last stop. I had … Read more

Manhattan, New York

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You guys got a little preview of NYC from the heights of Rockefeller Center, let’s come back closer to the ground, and head off to explore Manhattan. During this last stretch of our american road trip, the weather being especially favorable, we didn’t opt for a lot of museums, but enjoyed walking around the city. … Read more


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Our US East-coast road trip continues, with a stop-over that was decided a bit randomly : we needed to stop somewhere between Charleston and Washington DC. I honestly don’t know how I found Wilmington in North Carolina, but I’ll never thank the mighty Randomness of things enough that it made this happen.   ♬ I … Read more


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If you take a look at our USA road trip itinerary, you’ll notice we’re slowly moving up the east coast : our stop today is Charleston in South Carolina. If we compare it with Savannah that we just visited, I’d say it’s a more distinguished and luxurious version : this opulence probably has to do … Read more


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And our USA road-trip continues : we’re back today in the beautiful and mysterious Savannah, GA. Before arriving, I knew nothing of the city. It’s a great way to make every step a discovery … but it also comes with its lot of surprises! Indeed, I’ll tell you about a rather scary night … but … Read more

Saint Augustine

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We leave Orlando and the Disneyworld parks, and continue our american road-trip. I hope you’ll forgive me for this very delayed post (this travel story dates back to fall of 2016!) but at least it’ll bring some sun into our very morose parisian weather. So, today we’re headed to Saint Augustine in Florida, known to … Read more

Sunday lifestyle

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Considering the chaotic weather yesterday, we decided to not go outside. The occasion for me to show you a few new decoration ideas for cozy brunches.   Let’s do brunch ! Peg board Urban Outfitters Marble pot AM.PM Kettle Hario Japan (found in Printemps store)   It seems that my post last Friday inspired me … Read more


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Yummy addresses are back on the blog! I try to make new discoveries regularly, but not all are up to par (at least that’s my opinion), which means I don’t end up with a lot to post here : Haaaa! I’m being difficult! Here’s the story behind this place. My SO got us dinner-to-go at … Read more

Happy 2017 !

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This year passed at a breakneck speed therefore it’s already time to extend my warm Greetings for 2017! I hope this new year will bring you happiness, love and serenity. I’m not the kind of persons who likes doing list of resolutions to start the year… simply because I don’t want to put pressure on … Read more

Merry Xmas!

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Only a few hours to get there ! So I wish you the most pleasant Christmas with family and friends, to seize each moment of magic and conviviality.   Pre-Xmas Party On my side, I already had a taste of Christmas eve as you might have seen on Instagram. Me and my friends organised a … Read more

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