L’Acajou de Jean Imbert

· Food, Illustration

A few weeks ago, I got invited to a Christmas dinner organized by Badoit at Jean Imbert’s Acajou restaurant (he won Top Chef – season 2). We were a a couple of bloggers, and during the evening, there was an Instagram picture contest: the person who took the prettiest picture of our dinner would get … Read more

Guimi House

· Food, Illustration

Here is an address for Hong-Kong desserts that I have wanted to test out for a long time after drooling on some Instagram pictures. If you are looking for a change in scenery or if you like the texture of those little tapioca balls in the bubble tea, this place should be of interest. While … Read more

Walt’s, an american restaurant

· Food, Illustration

During my visit to Tokyo DisneySea, you might remember how amazed I had been by the incredible choice, creativity and quality of the food there. All the more so that I had been disappointed quite a number of times by what I had had in our french Disneyland (Remy’s bistrot, next to the Ratatouille ride … Read more

My Ostend yummy addresses

· Food, Illustration, Travel

  As promised, I come back to you with a post listing my culinary crushes from this trip to Ostend. As I was saying, I was totally seduced…and even more food-wise: it was the highlight of the weekend ! Still high on my last Belgium trips, I knew I was going to eat well but … Read more

Brussels Tram Experience

· Food, Illustration, Travel

Follow up and end of my gourmet Brussels adventure…I finish off with a very lovely culinary experience that I was made to discover. After my wintery exploits, I got to relive the same spirit with the belgian Tram experience. The principle: endulging in a gastronomic meal imagined by 8 hands (as in by 4 famous … Read more

My food addresses in Brussels

· Food, Illustration, Travel

You had been waiting, and here they are! Belgium is always the perfect place for yummy temptations, as you may have noticed here, here or here as well. Here are the addresses that had my tastebuds going mad during our weekend: Let’s go! FRUNCH at BIP (BIP, Maison de la Région , 2-4 Rue Royale) … Read more

Day 18 : Good Bye Japan !

· Food, Illustration, Travel

This is the end of our trip in Japan. I’m once again filled with nostalgia. It’s been 2 months since I came back from this fabulous trip, but sharing it with you kept me immersed in the culture: not a single day goes by where I’m not thinking / eating / reading / dreaming Japan. … Read more

Day 17 : Ginza Shopping

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

Badge Douze Août Breton shirt “Play” Comme des Garçons (déjà vue ici) Last days of vacation often mean … shopping! Shopping in the chic area of Ginza isn’t really the best deal in town, but we hadn’t been during our first trip. Ginza is the equivalent of the Champs Elysées (even though the latter is … Read more

Day 16 : Tokyo DisneySea

· Food, Illustration, Travel

After a few days in a serene atmosphere, we’re back in Tokyo for a few days before the end of our trip (aaah, I’m so sad!). We had to choose between all the japanese amusement parks: Universal Studio in Osaka, Puroland (dedicated to Hello Kitty & Friends) in Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland. It is possible … Read more

Day 15 : Ise & Futami

· Food, Illustration, Travel

After dropping our luggage in the charming ryokan, it’s time to discover our surroundings. Thanks to our precious JR Pass, we took the train to Futami (about 20 mins journey from Isa-shi) to admire the famous ‘Wedded Rocks’ of Meoto Iwa. MEOTO IWA at FUTAMI The town is very tranquil (probably because it wasn’t high … Read more

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