Cinque Terre delicacies

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This italian week comes to an end with a savory post to show you the food I tasted in Cinque Terre. When you decide to fly off to Italy, you generally know it’s going to be yummy. I found these addresses during my visits, it was all about the “feeling” you know… and luckily, the … Read more

Restaurants in Seoul

· Food, Illustration, Travel

And we continue down this savory path with the Seoul restaurants! As I was saying before, it was really hard to find the addresses I had been recommended, and for some, I’m totally incapable of transcribing them here: I took pictures of the store fronts (when I didn’t have the address), so if someone recognizes … Read more

Seoul Streetfood

· Food, Illustration, Travel

Let’s get down to business: eating in Seoul! Asian countries are often the temple of good food: Korea is no exception to the rule! To be honest, I was almost permanently eating there because not only can you find delicious restaurants but even more tempting street food as well! So I will try to list … Read more

Hello Kitty Café

· Food, Illustration, Travel

I have quite a few yummy Seoul addresses to share with you (even though you’ll still have to be able to find them once in the city!) but I wanted to start with a place that any cuteness addict must visit: the Hello Kitty Café! Just the name will get eyes shining and a couple … Read more

Yummy Amsterdam !

· Food, Travel

Finally! I’m back with my favorite places in Amsterdam! Of course, in 3 days time, I didn’t get a chance to taste everything, but here is a small selection that I really enjoyed, and that I hope you will too, if you get the chance to spend a couple days in the city. Don’t hesitate … Read more

Yummy Thailand !

· Food, Travel

Well, how was Thailand, food-wise? It was HEAVENLY. Litteraly heaven on earth for foodies, with temptation at every street corner. I don’t even know how I’d cope if I lived there, I think I’d need to have a second stomach transplanted. However, let me warn you right from the start: the salty dishes are pretty … Read more

I dolci di Pisa

· Food, Illustration, Travel

As you can see I made more sweet than salted discoveries! Indeed, in terms of restaurant, I didn’t have a chance to find a place that was sufficiently delicious for me to recommend it to you. I kind of decided last minute to go to Pisa so I didn’t have time to check out places … Read more

Aki Boulanger

· Food

With Asian food, desserts aren’t really the part of the meal that blow your mind. I’m generally pretty frustrated after an excellent bowl of udon or an okonomiyaki that I can’t have a dessert worthy of the main course I just had. A scoop of green tea ice cream is good you know, but a … Read more

Sweet & Savory Barcelona

· Food, Travel

Staying 2 days in Barcelona allowed me to get back to those shop signs I appreciated last time but also to appreciate the sugary side of barcelona. This is why I refused to get breakfast in the hotel (what a rebel!), preferring to try a shop where the usual Barcelona native would go to. And … Read more

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