My Hanami map in Paris

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I had this map idea after scrolling all the pictures of cherry blossoms on my Instagram feed.

I am always so excited to see this pastel pink blooming and most especially since I traveled to Japan during Hanami season in 2014. There, it’s really the celebration of the awakening of the nature and all the festive and poetic coming along.

When we don’t get the chance to go to Japan but still want to discover this spirit and magic, what can we do? Enjoying our own Japan touch in Paris!


The best places to see cherry blossoms in Paris

Thanks to your precious help, I prepared a list of the best cherry blossoms spots and drew a map. Obviously this list is not exhaustive but you can add up your favourite places in the comment area: it will be added to our list!

Be careful, following the visit last Wednesday of most of the places mentioned, some of the cherry trees are either already done blooming or haven’t started yet. Only one gust of wind, rain or other climatic variations can make them change quickly!

My advice before going to the spot is to check on Instagram if the cherry trees are blooming or not ! (Do not forget to read the caption: some people posts pictures from last years!)

Here are the pictures taken during my Hanami stroll in Paris to illustrate a few places: I highly recommend this kind of walk to be amazed, take some time to observe the nature and disconnect from the tumult of the city. I really enjoyed that day.



I have never seen the famous and impressive Japanese cherry tree during spring season: I didn’t regret the stop!! It’s really the attraction of the park. On its side the pink cherry tree is looking like extra but with them together, the mix is looking magical.



Unfortunately no cherry blossoms blooming but it remains a nice spot to take photos. Even thought the place is now so secured and crowded it became bot as nice as it used to.



To my opinion, based on the state of the trees when I stopped by last Wednesday, in a few days it will be full bloom. So let’s check to catch the imminent blooming!!



My favourite spot to take pictures (I’d already done a few here here and here). I’ve haven’t gone yet this year but I think the big cherry tree has already started blooming.



I already took pictures here in this little square hidden nearby the city hall and while I was walking, I end up by myself in front of this beauty, like in a pink cocoon in the middle of Paris.



When I went there blossoms were already done a few weekend before but I can imagine the beauty of this place the D-Day and also a good address to enjoy the shadow of the cherry trees.



The perfect instagramable spot !














At the gates of Paris


As surprising it might sound, I’ve never been during Hanami season: apparently they are planning a “Hanami” event during the Easter weekend: a good opportunity to enjoy a picnic there, isn’t it? (I guess people with agoraphobia shouldn’t do it!)



Enjoy this ephemeral Sakura season in Paris. And I hope this article will inspire you for strolls and picnic while giving a Japanese touch to our capital! (English translation by Quiterie)

Beginning of spring

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Once again here is a look made of things I already have in my closet. I am really pleased to see that you like these “recycled” fashion related articles.

While writing this word “recycle” I am aware that it shows a serious issue of consumption as it’s supposed to be used in a normal way. Wearing a few times our clothes is not recycling, it’s just the basis for a balanced consumption… but anyway, you understand me!

Since I’ve limited my wardrobe and fashion consumption, I am still happy to use these pieces of clothes with a new association and even more with the nicer days approaching.

As the last time, I will give you a few feedbacks about my outfit items you’ve already seen on this blog:

  • My Sézane “Will” denim jacket : From the 2016 collection, enough time has passed to say that it worth the investment. I washed it a few times in the laundry, it didn’t move and I can wear it with everything. Casual and chic at the same time, a basic we can count on.
  • My La Redoute lace blouse : also from 2016, I’ve receive compliments every time I wear it and it always saves me when I don’t know what to wear for a night out. But on a daily basis, it knows how to look good… knowing that I’ve washed it in my laundry (not event delicate program!)… What a pleasure!
  • My Uniqlo wide denim jeans : I am in love with these jeans that I’ve been wearing during both winter and summer times. You’ve seen it a few times already on this blog. You can’t buy it anymore (they have another one on sale now but a bit too short): what a shame because they are easy to keep and the stretch fabric makes them super comfy.
  • My Boden leopard flats : 2016 seems to be a very good year! I’m still very happy with the comfort and the quality of these leopard ballerinas, which add a savage touch to all kind of outfit. I can walk for hours with them even thought they are a bit (too?) flat. All the ballerinas should get inspired by these ones: nothing hurts !
  • My Sézane “Dean” bag : As I told you last time, I’m quite satisfied with my Sézane bags. Little drawback for this one that I haven’t worn often unlike the others (…which explains why I hadn’t noticed this drawback!): the flat camel leather gets easily some marks so if you don’t take care of it, you’d better choose the croco style leather from the brand, thicker and not as sensible for the impacts.


I told you I was only wearing old stuffs… but actually there is one exception with these accessories: flake imitation earring for the final touch. Worth the €13!

Even with this price I hope they will last as long as possible. I reinforced the rod with a bit of glue in-between the plastic and the rod.

If you would like to « invest » as well, you should know that they are very light and we quickly forget them, which is quite a positive point. Let’s see how long they will be ok… but with my little DIY improvement, I think all the chances are on my side! (English translation by Quiterie)


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My Outfit

 Sézane Will Jacket (2016) (already seen here and here)
Lace top La Redoute (2016) (already seen here and here)
White jeans Uniqlo (2017)(already seen here and here)
Flats Boden (2016) (already seen here and here)
Bag Dean Sézane (2016) (already seen here)

Earrings La Redoute Collections
Bracelet and watch Cluse

« Volume russe » Eyelashes extensions Les cils de Marie (already seen here)

Five senses #12

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Let’s go for a new episode of « Five senses » to discover what shook my 5 senses lately !



Mug Anthropologie (gifted by my “Babe” Candice)
Curcuma Chaï by Yogi Tea


I gave you the Golden milk recipe in a previous episode : this ayurvedic drink full of nutritional qualities. I prepare it once in a while but not as much as I would, even though it’s pretty easy to prepare (worried about the unwanted curcuma stain on my clothes maybe!)

So here is why I was really delighted to discover a Curcuma Chaï tea from Yogi Tea. After checking the ingredients, I found out it was quite similar to the ones needed for a Golden milk (curcuma, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom…).

Ceiling lights La Redoute intérieurs
Wooden table Ikea


We can choose to drink it as herbal tea with boiled water but also to infuse it in simmering milk for a few minutes to get this Holy Golden milk. And the result is pretty much the same as the one I get when prepared myself! Convenient and good, it’s a good idea for the lazy days… approved!



Plum melting balm Les Inspyrées
Olive wood board AM.PM


As I told you earlier, I’ve been trying to be more careful with the cosmetic I choose even though my skin isn’t very receptive to virtuous products.

I still have the same cleaning routine with the products Les Inspyrées but for the face skincare I keep using a mix between traditional cosmetics as my skin can’t balanced itself with natural oils: I still have the issue with a mixed dehydrated skin and glowy areas…

But as I am a pretty rare case, my friend Mathieu from Les Inspyrées promised me to find with Nicolas, his associate, the ingredients that would fit me as their products seem to be fine for most of their users. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, for the body I was able to fight the dryness with this balm that was given by Les Inspyrées. Actually Mathieu made himself this body balm in his workshop in the Pyrenees: the production circuit to my bathroom couldn’t be more direct and transparent!

The texture of the balm is different from a cream but the nourishing action is durable and the light smell of plum is very nice. I will keep you updated about the various tests anyways.



Mont Fuji by @_h1roya


Even though it’s regularly criticised, Instagram remains for me an interface to find inspiration and to dream. Especially to discover destinations to travel as I was not aware of. I’ve been following for a while the account @travelandleisure that gathers instagram pictures from users all around the world.


Peru, Iceland and Sri Lanka by @iuriebelegurschi, @thismattexists and @cbezerraphotos


Here are a few examples. Well, obviously, Photoshop is not very far but I’m still amazed in front of such a beauty, touristic diversity and I dream to be able to visit these places to see if they are as beautiful as the pictures.

Austria et and the Dolomites, Italy by @mblockk and @wonguy974



News about Marina and the diamonds… well, just Marina because she left her diamonds on the way to release her new album “Love + Fear” in April.

I am so excited to discover all the songs of this new album as I’ve loved what she’s done in the past few years (she even inspired me here).


Pictures from the “Handmade heaven” videoclip by Marina


The two songs (“Superstar” and “Handmade heaven”) she’s unveiled so far are still in the airy and melodious style that we know, for my pleasure. My preference would go to « Handmade heaven », which I found pure, dreamlike and melancholic at the same time. A beauty for me. The video clip shot in the snowy nature isn’t really in phase with the season but I can totally picture myself listening this piece of gold during my winter trip to Hokkaido.

Fingers crossed she will be coming to France for a concert… without hoping too much, as I feel like the French popularity remains confidential unfortunately.



This year 2019 has started under the sign of yoga! Indeed, since January, every morning (almost), I’ve been doing about 20 minutes of yoga following the class of Adriene, a young girl from Texas on Youtube.

I started by the “Dedicate 30-day yoga journey” in January and then I got addicted to this morning routine. I am not an expert but I think my body likes every minute of stretching and sun salutation.

So I’ve been following the session she prepares every month (I did February and March in a very religious way). The session are in English but it’s easy to understand if you want to try, it won’t be difficult to follow the classes.

As for now, I’ve been doing the Yogi beginner exercises with a fitness mat but I’ve been considering to buy a nice, sober and convenient yogi mat: any advices, maybe? (English translation by Quiterie)

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